Chapter 3 - A Mate for the Latecomer

Today my so-called pack just send me to my grave. They may have sent me here for the first time to a meeting but hell, with that this is beyond a nightmare.

I stood there like an idiot while he smiles at his chosen mate kissing her on the cheek then touching her stomach.

Looking up at the sky all I could see is darkness

'oh, how wonderful life is.'

I was waiting for him but then when I first felt pain years ago I thought he died and here he is in front of me with his chosen mate.

"Hello, I'm Claire Montez-Gibson Eric's mate,"

I didn't know the thing can talk, I wanted to laugh I am laughing even though it's rude to do that in front of a Luna and Alpha but what can I do.

"Oh God"

Fakely wiping away my tears after calming myself

"Sorry, it's just that you look adorable together,"

'adorable my ass" I thought aside.

"So the meeting shall we go in and start," Alpha Eric giving us a warm smile.

There is no way I am going to call him Eric after all I don't have a Mate anymore.

"He's not rejecting us" Eliz groan on my head.

I wanted to retort back but now is not the right time as the idea of my mate mating someone is still shocking when all those times I thought he already died.

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