Chapter 2 - A Mate for the Latecomer

After an embarrassing entry, I kept on grinning from ear to ear. Aberdeen nudge me on the shoulder asking

"Are you okay"

I answer "of course," trying to clear away the embarrassment.

I take a look again at the packhouse, which is a two-story.

"Not all pack members live here"

I heard the beta says probably to Leto and Aberdeen since I haven't talked to him.

"Apologies this is Elle our top warrior, Elle meets Lucian Kavril, Daluna's beta" Leto introduced us I look aside and saw his hand extended which I shook in return.

He eyes me up and down 'something you like beta' Eliz raises her eyebrow in a flirty way. Seriously this wolf will be the death of me someday.

"I must say the design is extraordinary" my eyes were on the packhouse again.

"Yeah our Alpha design it by himself"

I smile "it's beautiful" Aberdeen pinched me on the shoulder but I couldn't bother because this house makes me want to own it someday.

I know most people want to live in it but I want to own it, there is a difference between living and owning it.

"The alpha is here"

oming from inside. I began to get nervous

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Leto growl "oh honey shush you're my number

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