Chapter 4 - A Mate for the Latecomer

Settling on a rock as tears still fell from my eyes I thought back to the years of pain where things turn down for me.

I don't know why I have such a fate.

It was heart-wrenching my mate had already made his decision thinking he has a tiny bit of heart he rejected me back. Now officially I don't have that someone since he chose for the both of us before I even met him.

I was crying when I heard a snap I look around and saw a big black wolf with a strong aura like a force ordering me to submit.

Anyone should be highly alert right now and starts to run away but in my situation, I couldn't do anything at all. I could tell that he's an Alpha I swear I could feel him from where I'm sitting but that didn't bother me besides I was too busy crying to even bother

"move rogue, you cross our territory" he growls at me.

I said between sobbing

"I'm not intruding your territory I'm only borrowing this spot it's not like I'll take it home with me."

His growl grew louder

"Can't you stop growling at me and sit your ass down somewhere here. Let me finish crying so don't disturb me. You know how cruel this world so please spare your growl for someone else who deserves it and just let me cry."

"You're a rouge"

He spits out as if I'm the most disgusting thing he encounters and with that, he didn't hesitate to attack me.

I just sat there watching in slow motion as he was ready to thrash me with his claw, waiting to be gone now. Life didn't matter anymore, this fate is better than living with nothing at all.

His claw is now in the air his hazel orbs meet mine and he strikes.

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