Chapter 5 - A Lovely Spendthrift

"I had already decided to live on my own and would not rely on my family again. Stick it out! Working as a maid was just the first challenge to test my viability." He Yueyu silently admonished herself.

"Really?" Duan Weiqi raised his eyebrow and said, "Ok, Miss Talent, I look forward to your performance. I have put some money on the table in the living room. Buy whatever you like to make dinner for me."

Then he stood up and turned towards the door of bedroom. Looking at his tall and straight figure, He Yueyu pouted with discontent.

She knew Duan Weiqi definitely reckoned that she was good for nothing. She could tell from his sarcastic remarks.

The more he despised her, the more she wanted to prove herself.

However, until now she still could not understand why she came here foolishly to be his maid. Maybe it was because of his charming handsome face.

Nope! She said to herself. She was not a horny girl. Why should she be fascinated by that man? He was not the only handsome guy in the world.

When she heard the main door was closed, she knew that Duan Weiqi must have left the flat.

After washing and dressing herself, He Yueyu looked around this luxurious flat, which was about hundreds of square meters. Only God knew if he really loved neat or not. It was a mission impossible for her to clean such a large space in one day. Clearly, he was just trying to make a fool of her.

Moreover, wealthy as he was, there was nothing but a bucket and a cleaning cloth left for her to do the cleaning. She took a deep breath and said to herself, "Wait and see! I won't give you a chance to sneer at me again in my life!"

He Yueyu started her maid career like a wrestler, but soon she got stuck for her first task. Eh...? How to mop the floor? How to clean the toilet? And the socks, panties and shirts stacked in the bathroom... Could these things be washed together in a washing machine at the same time?

Damn! The maid's job seemed quite complicated for a woman who didn't have any cleaning experience at all.

"Mr. Duan, if you have no opinion on the investment case of Huo Group, we will send a representative to sign the contract next week ..."


"Mr. Duan... Mr. Duan..."

Only until the call from his assistant interrupted his meditation did Duan Weiqi realize that his mind was wandering while talking about business affairs.

"Mr. Duan, are you not feeling well? Do I need to ask your private doctor to come?"

"Nothing, I just didn't sleep well last night."

Jinfeng Bank was a large multinational bank with its headquarters in T City. The founder, Duan Jingtian, was Duan Weiqi's grandfather who had passed away for many years.

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