Chapter 6 - A Lovely Spendthrift

He Yueyu put her arms around her chest and sat beside him, "Actually, I understand why you don't believe me. But under such circumstance, I can only tell you the truth..."

She deliberately made two light coughs, "I did not plan to tell anyone this secret, but as you are my master, I can tell you that...."

She whispered near his ear, "The chef in Huibin Hotel is actually my last chief disciple. His cooking skills are all taught by me."

"Really?" Duan Weiqi kept himself from laughing and lift his eyebrows, "How come I don't know my uncle took a girl much younger than him as his teacher?"

"What? Your uncle?" She seemed a little stunned at Duan Weiqi's words

"In addition, ..."

He turned around and picked up an advertising leaflet, "I guess the tidiness of my apartment should attribute to the hard work of Xingxingtang Housekeeping Services Company."

Gosh! He Yueyu rushed to grasp that leaflet. It was terrible that Duan Weiqi found it! She felt so embarrassed, wondering why this hateful man was so smart.

Duan Weiqi not only pitilessly exposed her trickery, but also bitterly satirized that she was a little fool who couldn't do anything well.

All these things made her a laughing stalk. She felt too shamed to raise her head in front of him.

After dinner, Duan Weiqi asked her to clean up the dinning room and brew a cup of coffee for him before walking away.

With all her strength, she finally finished the cleaning after breaking three bowls and two saucers. But she was stumped by brewing coffee.

She drank coffee brewed by others all the time. How could she be able to brew coffee for others?

Who would know how those coffee beans and coffee mate were converted to liquid coffee? Would she have to buy a book about how to brew coffee and learn from the very beginning?

Suddenly, Miss He had a brainwave, "The apartment is located in a busy street, so there must be convenience stores nearby."

Young Master Duan only required her to brew coffee, but he didn't ask her to make it in a specific way. Then, she went to buy two big bags of instant coffee in a convenience store.

Well, she always could find a way to cope with problems.

When she came to the door of his study with a cup of coffee in hand, she lightly knocked on the door and cleared her throat, "Young Master, your coffee is ready."

A strong and deep voice came out of the study. He Yueyu carefully pushed the door open. The study was all decorated in blue and black, bringing the impression of solemnity and dignity at the first sight.

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