Chapter 4 - A Lovely Spendthrift

"I don't care. Anyway, I'll travel abroad with my classmates. I have promised them. If I break my word, how will they think of me?"

She argued willfully, "If you insist on stopping me, I will let you know how obstinate I can be!"

It was a laborious task for He Yueyu to carry two large suitcases on her own. At the same time, she had to find the place where Duan Weiqi lived according to the note left by him. Obviously, only rich people could afford this exclusive residential district.

Though she felt tired, He Yueyu grinned happily.

Although she had three demonic brothers who were overbearing and unreasonable, as long as she threw a tantrum, even Xiaoran had no alternative but to compromise.

She really tried her best this time to deceive them that she would take a trip to America.

She specially asked her former classmates to make sure their explanations are identical, lest her eldest brother Weiran investigated her track on a whim. If some details brought her secret to light, only misery was waiting for her.

Getting freedom from her brothers was not easy. Fortunately, her second brother, Junran, was kind enough to help persuade the stubborn Xiaoran to permit her to travel abroad. Thus, she was free to move out of the house with her baggage.

Since it had been a con, better make it a successful con.

He Yueyu's former classmates accompanied her at the airport to ensure her brothers would not suspect her of deception. Ling Weiran turned and left until he saw his little sister truly walking into the airport.

What's more, she sponsored her classmates to travel abroad generously. She left them the Black card given by Xiaoran, and said they could buy whatever they wanted. Her classmates idolized her as their Lady Luck because of her generosity.

Holding two large suitcases, He Yueyu was almost out of breath when she finally came to the top floor of the luxurious building where Duan Weiqi lived. She took out the key to open the door but found the scene inside was beyond her imagination.

Duan Weiqi decorated his flat only by three main colors, blue, white, and black, which imparted the living room to conciseness and solemnity. She didn't know why this atmosphere remind her of his image at once.

She had thought that he would live in a luxurious villa like herself, but this concise, modest yet elegant interior design brought her a new impression of him. Maybe the decoration style was just a mirror of his way of life.

His flat was well organized including a spacious and bright living room, a fully functional and neat kitchen, four bedrooms and a study. A strange but refreshing scent permeated in it.

Also, there was a terrace garden on rooftop. Potted green plants were decorated around. Looking down from it, she could see almost half of the T city. In the center of this area is a circular swimming pool, in which water rippled with gentle breeze.

Duan Weiqi's flat took He Yueyu by surprise. The designer must be a top-level master. Otherwise, how could this space be so tasteful?

"Well, the thing is…Where is Duan Weiqi now?" She mumbled.

Two pink furry bears were lying next to two large suitcases, beside which were a mess of skin care products as well as personal clothes.

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