Chapter 3 - A Lovely Spendthrift

He Yueyu never expected that this handsome and cool guy would make such a ridiculous request.

To use herself as the compensation! Not gonna happen!

When she was still hot under the collar for his request, Duan Weiqi said tepidly,

"I happen to need a maid for cleaning and cooking in my house. If you really feel that you should be responsible for this accident, work as my maid until the debt is paid off, let's start tomorrow."

"Working as a servant for him? He should've known who I am first. He will take back what he has said at once." She thought.

He Yueyu allowed herself a wry smile and looked at the man unbelievably with anger. "Sir, so your servant is well-paid? If your generosity is not as much as US $100 million per month, I'm afraid I can't repay your loss for a lifetime. "

She shrugged coolly, "Okay, maybe we should call the police to help us solve this problem."

In fact, calling the police was the worst choice for her. She could foretell the fury of her three fascist brothers when they received the call from police. And also, she was sure that she would have no chance to touch the steering wheel again.

But this arrogant guy refused, "I don't have any time to be questioned by police. I still have a 300-million-euro deal to negotiate in 20 minutes..."

"How can he only care about his deal in this condition?"

She was not only astonished by his attitude, but the value of his case. What did he do for living? He was even more arrogant than her eldest brother. In fact, achieving a 300-million-euro deal was not an easy task even for her family.

Duan Weiqi smiled slightly, "Please don't waste my time. My young lady, I guess you won't be an irresponsible perpetrator, will you?"

Hearing what he said, He Yueyu was finally provoked. She had always been the kind of woman who dared to be responsible for what she did, but this guy looked down on her and indeed insulted her dignity.

She didn't want to talk to him anymore, but she had to be rational to settle it. She observed the man who behaved like an aristocrat in front of her. Although she didn't know what he was doing, she could speculate from his speech and manner that he must be a bigwig.

Sure, his advice was ridiculous, but after living like a princess in Ling family for 22 years, she was bored to death by the invariable life of squandering money.

In fact, she felt that working as a maid was very challenging. If she accepted his advice, she could temporarily get rid of the clutches of her three fascist brothers.

To be honest, his advice was not that insufferable, but...

She rolled her eyes and said shrewdly, "Well Sir, I did just crash your car accidentally, but the damaged part was merely headlights. So, I believe 100, 000 dollars is well enough for repair cost, and..." She continued, "since you have the ability to deal with a 300-million-euro case, I guess it should be easy for you to make up an excuse for being late in your negotiation. How about this, I promise to be your maid until your car is fully repaired. What do you think?"

Unexpectedly, Duan Weiqi frowned and looked at her for a long time. Just when she felt breathless by his staring, the man said casually, "Okay, deal."

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