Chapter 2 - A Lovely Spendthrift

The young owner of sports car sat steadily in his seat throughout, staring coldly at the girl with long hair in front of him.

Dressed in a pinky white one piece, the girl looked like a little princess coming out of the fairy tale world, with her bright big eyes, delicate skin, and slim figure.

He wondered why this face left him a strong sense of deja vu.

Duan Weiqi tried hard to search for traces of this face from his memory. "Maybe many years ago..."

A sound of thunder stroke in his mind all of a sudden. This beautiful girl, exactly, was the girlfriend of Ling Weiran, his deadly foe in college.

He carefully sized up the girl before him. She said sorry repeatedly and kept bowing to him.

Her pink cheek, large affectionate eyes, and her vivid and seductive features...

"It can't be wrong." He thought. Although he knew her existence only from a picture in Ling Xiaoran's wallet a few years ago, her look was deeply imprinted on his mind.

After apologizing countlessly, He Yueyu turned and ran to the small MARCH, which was also crashed badly. She found her expensive handbag in the car and took out a very expensive purse from it.

He Yueyu presented a thick pile of cash with her hands respectfully to Duan Weiqi, "This is just a part of the compensation for you..."


Duan Weiqi's words was interrupted by her crisp voice, "I know your car looks more expensive than mine. I hit your car by accident. It's all my fault, I'm too careless...."

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