Chapter 5 - A Loveless Marriage With A Cold Hearted Billionaire


"Uhm dad, it's not actually what you think. I can explain." I tried to explain, with wobble hands.

"Do you really have to lie again at this point? Come on sunshine, one of the shareholders called me and explained everything to me. What more is there to hide again? I never expected this from you. I'm really not happy with this."

“I’m so sorry dad. I know I really failed you and you probably hate me but trust me, I will fix everything to the way it was before.” I burst out in tears bitterly.

“What made you think I hate you? I can never hate you just because the company is in a bad situation. I know you don’t mean any of it but I’m so hurt you kept it away from me, why did you do that?”

“I didn’t want to endanger your health even more which was why I had to hide it away from you.” I explained, with uncontrollable tears.

“Come over here, sunshine.” He gestured to me to sit right beside him on the bed.

"So, tell me sunshine. How did it all happen?" He asked which I couldn't help but let the free flow of tears roll down my cheeks.

"I'm really sorry, dad. I felt really betrayed when my ex-boyfriend played me with a man he introduced as a business expert. I was totally unaware it was all a planned work by my ex-boyfriend to exploit me."

"It's alright, sunshine. You should have told me about it anyways than hiding it away from me. Everyone makes one or two mistakes at some point in life and that is what makes us humans."

"I'm really sorry for everything, dad. I will try to fix everything right, I promise."

"I know you will, sunshine." He held on to my hands tightly with a warm smile on his face.

"Thank you so much dad."

"You're welcome, my love. I don't want you keeping things away from me as an excuse for my health."

"Why shouldn't I, dad? We almost lost you just because of that which was why I had to keep it away from you."

"Don't worry, sunshine, you can't lose me easily. I still have some years to live to witness you get married and give me grandchildren." He laughed.

"Dad! It's not funny." I frowned.

"Of course it is, my love." He laughed which made me smile, seeing him happy even after learning about the truth about the company.

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