Chapter 6 - A Loveless Marriage With A Cold Hearted Billionaire


"I'm so sorry, ma'am. I wasn't watching where I was going."

"It's alright darling. I hope you're not hurt in any way?" She asked as her voice sounded so calm and fascinating.

I was so mesmerized staring at her. She's so beautiful, I wonder what her daughter or son will look like. Her beauty is one of a kind.

"Are you alright dear?" I heard her voice again which jolted me out of my foolish thoughts.

"Yes, I am fine. I'm sorry for accidentally dropping off your meal." I apologized.

"It's fine, dear. Your dress is stained. It was pretty much my fault because I was so busy talking over the phone with my son and didn't even notice someone coming. I'm really sorry dear."

"It wasn't really your fault, I was the one who was clumsy. The stain isn't something serious, I will wash it off." I replied.

"It's alright darling. Let's go to the restroom so I can help you out with it."

"You don't have to worry ma'am. It's actually nothing serious."

"Come on dear, it's really something." She insisted and I had to give in.

"Which ward were you heading to so I can call on someone to help you with your basket?"

"Ward 9 but it's fine, I can manage."

"I insisted darling." She smiled and called someone on the phone and before I could predict anything, two female staff and one female cleaner rushed towards us.

"We're here, ma'am." They announced.

There's no doubt she's really an influential woman and someone close to the owner of the hospital to have been addressed that way.

"Take the basket from the young lady and take it to ward 9." She explained.

"Okay ma'am." They replied as one of them took the basket from me before the other lady took my bag while the cleaner began to clean the floor.

"Come with me dear." She uttered, holding my hand as we headed to the restroom.

I was sprinkling some water on my top to clean off the stain and couldn't help but compliment the woman for her beauty.

"You're really beautiful ma'am."

"Thank you darling. You're much more beautiful than I am. I'm really pleased to meet such a beautiful lady who is well mannered at the same time."

"Thanks ma'am." I smiled.

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