Chapter 2 - A Hidden Love

I just blushed after hanging up the phone. I don’t know what Lana needs from me and why uncle is looking for me, because I told I’ve only been there for a while, but here, it’s about to get dark, and maybe I’ll spend the night.

Zaffiro had a sudden meeting so he had to lock me in this room. Because I knew he didn’t trust me so he even locked it up, really shameless! I was so bored that I just thought of sending a message to my so called friends and dear sisters. After all, sadly in the mansion, even if someone goes home there but only a little and not yet complete. We just worked and then only the elderly were left in the mansion, too bad.

[This is emergency and you have to go home! In Ficarro Mansion. I have an important announcement. I’ll wait you there until 8:00 in the evening.]

I smiled and remained sitting on the bed. It’s still three o’clock in the afternoon, so I can still soak in it with my baby.

I quickly walked quietly and pressed my ear to the door, I couldn’t hear anything except my breathing. Couldn’t he have left me here? Or maybe it’s worse— I immediately covered my mouth so as not to shout because it was forbidden to make noise.

Suddenly the door opened causing my head to bump.

“V-Veron? What are you doing there?” puckered question and promptly touched my forehead.

I immediately smiled broadly and ignored the pain. “Ahh no nothing. I’m just experimenting. Where are you talking to?” I changed the topic but he didn’t answer it and just closed the door immediately.

He frowned and stared at me intently from head to toe. I’m nervous because he thinks differently of me now. So I backed away as he walked closer to me.

“W-Why are you looking at me like that?” I just kept stepping back until I could sit on the end of the bed.

“W-What are you going to do?” my next question but not a single letter, nothing came out of him.

He bends slowly so I close my eyes. Will he kiss me? I immediately stretched my snout to feel his lips but… I immediately opened one eye and there I saw and felt that he had touched the button on my polo shirt and closed it.

I just stared at it badly then stared at his lip.

“What? Is there something wrong with what I did?” he asked me as its hands were inside his pocket.

I thought he would kiss me. But thanks to him, I forgot to close the polo because I took a picture of myself, because it’s a pity the surroundings are beautiful if I just stare.

For some unknown reason, my eyesight was so big on its lips. “Who was your first kiss?” I seriously askedz but this is the reason to turn it on me.

“Why do you want to know?”

“Just, just tell me, promise I won’t be angry,” I insisted.

If I’m not mistaken, he kissed me when we were kids, though he also does that to others but I mixed it with malice.

It averted its gaze from me and I noticed it stared at the white flower. He didn’t even say a word and seemed to be worried. Am I offended him? He doesn’t have a girlfriend yet, but sometimes, I hear his mother forcing him to get to know some girls. If I’m not mistaken that woman is also a business person or what. But I don’t know anything.

“Hey, are you okay?” I was still dragging the hem of his dress so it turned to me.


u don’t have a first kiss! As if you had a girlfriend. Come on!”

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was also the one we passed on to a large hospital. I don’t know if he’s really going to the hospital

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