Chapter 1 - A Hidden Love

I just bit my lip when I saw my last outline. I’m just pissed because I’m finally done with all the drawing I’ve done all day. I stretched my neck then rotated my seat.

“Oh! Goodness! It’s still raining,” I whispered because of the gloom of the sky that I could see from here in my office.

I could do nothing but wait for homecoming time and wait for Lana to pick me up. I want to go to Zaffiro for when I can’t reach him in his office. I was just stunned when I remembered the woman who often followed him, her secretary that feeling beautiful! Agh!

I’m even better than her!

I just sighed and then stared at the door opening. Lana’s entry was the reason I dropped the picture frame I had stared at earlier. That earlier I had asked myself why he couldn’t love me?

“Let’s go home early now, why haven’t you left yet? Are you thinking about him again?” she asked then sat down in front of me. It gave me a teasing look then stared at the landed picture frame.

“Why did you immediately suspect him?” I asked then applied lipstick to my lips.

I just stared at my reflection, there was nothing wrong with me, there was nothing missing from my face. People often praise me for my beauty, many flirt with me, but I don’t know why he doesn’t like me. What do I need to do?

“Attract him,” she whispered then laughed as I raised my eyes.

“Tsk! I’m not that kind of person, I’m not desperate like others—”

“Liar!” she said laughing then stood up. “You know Veron, stop chasing Zaffiro, no one wants that from you. You’re just torturing yourself. And one more thing, he’s a busy man, there’s no time when it comes to love. Find another man that you can mess,” she added as she blinked her eyes.

Fvck her!

I could do nothing but keep quiet, instead of going home, we went to the mansion where Lana’s parents and my uncle were. I rarely stay there because of my hectic schedule, but I make sure I have time for myself and Zaffiro. I just lay in bed all day and spent the whole night, we don’t have work tomorrow because we’re just preparing for the upcoming new collection for the runway.

“Good morning people! Good morning to my uncle Zenos!” I greeted them with a smile and the others winked.

I kissed it hard on the cheek and my uncle looked at me in amazement. “Why are you so dressed?”

I took a loaf of bread and then left it standing. “I’m just going somewhere. But it’s just fast. As in just fast, where is Lana?”

She wasn’t here in the kitchen, she wasn’t in her room when I woke up, I almost turned my head until I looked at the wall clock, I got up immediately and said goodbye to them. I picked a grape stalk first and then left it, I wanted to say goodbye to Lana but I couldn’t see her so I just left.

I’m already making my way to my Zaffiro’s company. It’s a bit far but it’s cool. I couldn’t bear the hunger as long as I could go there.

While driving, I noticed that it was dark again, it was still early but it was already overcast. So I speeded up I’m driving. I don’t know if there was a storm or just a really strong weather today. It was also about twenty minutes before I got to where I wanted to go. I greeted the guard with a smile so he smiled at me too. Upon entering, I was greeted by many of people wearing id, while others were looking at various collections.

Others just look like they have something to throw out and are obviously rich, it’s really good and I’m a designer and I’m fine myself. I immediately hit the 17th floor where my Zaffiro’s office is. Since I was the only one in the elevator I fixed myself up and got there quickly. The next things is my Zaffiro’s secretary first appeared on the pretty side four steps away. This woman was talking to someone so I waited for a while. After a while it left and went straight anywhere and the secretary smiled at me.

“Good morning Ma’am. Any appointment?” she greeted me with a smile that I shrugged.

Is it necessary?

“None, but I have to talk to your boss. Mr. Arcus. It’s really important,” I replied smiling and staring.

“But Ma’am you have t—”

“Oh! I’m his fiancée, and we’re going to discuss our wedding. I’m Veronika Azusa Ficarro, anyway.”

Hope she believes! This is just the way!

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