Chapter 3 - A Hidden Love

We were making our way home to the mansion quietly and could hear nothing but the faint song coming right from my cell phone. It was just weak and good to listen to but Zaffiro voice was all I could hear.

“You okay? Is it too cold? Are you hungry already?”

“A-Ah, not anymore. Let’s just go home because maybe my sisters are already there.”

Even if it’s against my will to refuse his offer, maybe it’s okay, because he looks exhausted, maybe later he’ll suddenly faint, he’s still a big man, it’s hard for me not to be able to carry him.

I closed my eyes and began to remember what had happened today. I was so happy because I was able to visit him again and I was given the chance to be with him. He is so busy with work, even he and his family can no longer take care of himself so as long as I can I always visit him to bring food maybe later because of what he eats.

“You go first, I’ll be next.”

I just smiled and took my small bag and got out of the car. As I put on my slippers, my stomach felt a little boiling. Maybe I’ll eat first before going upstairs, I don’t have any of my siblings yet. So I hurriedly walked to the kitchen but it also stopped because of the eyes looking at me.

“Emergency, but she was the last to arrive. We were even forced to end everything for what you say is an emergency.”

“We’re still confused to arrange all the paperwork so we can go home right away. Then you’ll be the last to come?”

They were all staring at me and their eyes were asking why I was just now.

“Good evening,” I greeted them all, just shake and stare they replied as they aunt and uncle laughed softly.

“What time is it? You told ‘kin you’ve only been in the meeting for a while,” I heard a deep voice come down the stairs and look at me intently.

“Good evening uncle.” I simply kissed his cheek and then turned away from him.

I narrowed my eyes to the sofa and sat down next to Lana who was smiling at me. Suddenly I stood up and took two pieces of pizza and then left them. I don’t know if they’re looking at me, I know I’m beautiful, no big deal for that.

“Looks like Zaffiro got starving you ah.”

“How do you know—”

“Someone brought your car here. It was also said that you were together and he would take you.”

Ahh, of course. Some time, later I was able to sit up straight because of the arrival.

“I’m sorry we’re late,” Zaffiro said sleepily.

He stretched his head and then leaned back in his chair. I even saw him close his eyes and I could see how tired he was.

“You should go to your room son, take a rest,” I heard Auntie Nieva say to him so he opened his eyes.

“No need Mom. I’m leaving too, I just delivered Veron.”

Leaving? Again?

“No. Rest here and leave tomorrow morning.” Auntie Nieva authoritatively said reason for this sigh.

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