Chapter 4 - A Hidden Love

Earlier I couldn’t think of any designs on clothes, Lana is still doing well. We are all here at home but my brain is in nowhere. Ever since it happened last night, I feel like I’m going crazy, sad and then thrilled, then surprised again.

“How to court a man?” I asked myself.

It was only then that I realized that Lana had been looking at me for a while, her eyebrows raised and she let go of her pencil. “You? Courting? Seriously?” she said still pointing her finger at me as if still disgusted.

“Y-Yeah, what’s wrong with that? Is there?” I asked again and this time she looked at me and stared.

She’s only like that once so I’m nervous about what she’s going to say. “Yes! And so ugly to look at.”

“Eh why are you angry?”

“No I’m not. I’m telling you to stop that nonsense. It’s okay to like Veron, but I hope you know your limits, you should know how far you’ve come, and find out should be when you give up when it comes to that kind of thing. I don’t want to get to the point where you just stay like that, in pursuit. Trust me Veron, you’ll just waste your time in pursuit. Why don’t you open your eyes and your heart to others ? Many people want to get you but you can’t see it because you are blinded by the love of the person you know can’t love you. I’m sorry Veron, even if you’re mad at me, it’s okay, I just don’t want the day to come you will regret the things you are doing now, ” was its long line that until now I didn’t know how to get into my brain.

“I’ll leave you here first. And one more thing, you are still in control of everything, you don’t have to follow what I said, but I hope you’re ready for whatever the outcome of what you did now and what you do. Is it okay? Even if you’re that stupid, I love you. “ Then she kissed me on the cheek and the last I heard was the door closing.

I could almost drop my body on the bed Avellana had laid earlier because of what she said. I don’t know why she’s like that, I don’t know if she has a menstrual today so she’s like that or maybe I’m doing something wrong. I can’t blame her either.

I’m just out of breath because of the weight of the air here in the room, until now Lana’s words to me still don’t come in completely, because sometimes when I do something wrong, nothing bad happens to me and I have no regrets . And one more thing, I won’t regret the claim I’m making, I’m happy.

Happy to be hurt.

I really feel that what she said before is right but I don’t know what is there, she still said that I control myself so meaning … I will still be followed! Right! I will be the one to follow!

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