Chapter 5 - A Hidden Love

They each talked about businesses or maybe about their marriage to Zafia and her husband. I don’t know if I’ll be happy because early in the morning there is talk of that.

“How about you Veron?”

I stopped for a moment to sip the hot soup and then turned to her. “What am I?”

“How are you and brother? Are you talking?”

I stared at her for a few more seconds before looking back at the bowl in front of me. Sometimes, it’s like I’m just trying to get excited.

“What are you and older brother talking about?” she asked me again and this time I faced her.

“It’s about our future, and it’s another job to think carefully about what will happen to us in the near future.” I smiled and lied because I knew they were used to me like that.

It just got worse because of what I told her. It’s true, it’s hard to think about which church we will get married in, how many children we want. And I’m pretty sure that time will come when we’ll talk about it. I just really hope so.

Zafia asked me more questions but I chose not to answer that and just consume what I eat, I don’t want her to be spoiled by what will happen to us. After that I went upstairs again to a very quiet room and then arranged the things that I would take to the venue where the big event we were preparing would take place. We are busy arranging the things to be used, especially the clothes that we take care of the most because many are waiting for them, the few months we worked hard to make the design can’t be wasted and everything can’t just go to waste. Take care of what we do.

“Meeting adjourned,” smiling Mama A said in front of us all in an immense room where different types of designers as well as our models were.

My eyes immediately searched for Lana who was still there at the very end because the former caught her, I frowned at her as she smiled as she walked towards me. “Do you get it all? Or maybe you didn’t listen?” I asked here as she shrugged.

“I listened” She put her head on my shoulder.

She immediately pulled my hand as we left that room and sat down first on the chairs next to it. “I’m excited for the next day omg! So are you! We should be a beautiful, aside from Mama A!” I whispered.

So she secretly laughed and then slapped me lightly on the arm. “That’s why. Especially Mama A, for sure she’s very happy. She can wait so long—”

“Of course I’m happy!” We almost trembled in shock because of the voice coming from our side. As we looked around, I saw Mama A closing that room, still smiling. We got up and zipped the bag while waiting for it to finish locking.

“Wanna hang-out with me? We’ll also talk about what my great designers will wear.” It winked and then it was the first to walk on us.

Lana and I, on the other hand, were so happy that we secretly jumped for joy. The place we went to was simple, it was even more beautiful in my eyes because it wasn’t too dark, nor too bright. We were standing near the pool where it was very fresh to look at because it was surrounded by trees, I remember one of my twins who was attractive in the tree.

“Here’s your order Ma’am, enjoy!” It smiled at us and then left in front of us.

I don’t know what to call Mama A’s orders, because I’ve only just been here, as long as it’s food in front of us.

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