Chapter 5 - A GENIE'S WISH

The whole sitio of Cala had been so busy after a strong typhoon which seemingly took over the wholeness of the place. Farmers within the sitio, at the very least, were the ones who had been out to look after their fields which had been in a disastrous condition.

"No, I will pay the moment my crop will be sold."

Aria's father had been busy pleading with much effort as the town head came to get back the pay of the last 5 years of their debt accounting to more or less 200, 000. Conscience covered her wholeness as thoughts of the debt aroused within her. It hasn't been long since she had been hospitalized because of her stomach illness, which led her father to forcibly borrow that much of money for her hospital bills.

"No, I have always been considerate of not giving interest and I now tell you, I have to get the money back in instance."

Having the town head's full decision, Aria's father yet again pleaded for more time but the town head seemed to be determined and even stated to sue regarding the unpaid debt for very much long time. Wide eyes, Aria began to feel her hands getting wet as she nervously walked near the elders, joining her father to plead. Minutes passed and Aria stopped as she remembered something, she pulled the town head away ignoring her father's abrupt question for her sudden actions.

"I will pay the debt, in exchange, give me enough time." Seemingly sure of what she's saying, the town head confusedly raised a brow,

"And how am I gonna trust this little deal of yours, young lady?"

"I will bring you the money by noon. As long as you won't take actions as per the unpaid debt, I surely will bring the money."

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