Chapter 6 - A GENIE'S WISH

It has already been a week after the shocking, unbelievable event had happened and Aria had yet to slowly accept the reality of the genie's existence. Though she still half-heartedly believed the whole thing, Aria had not yet summoned the genie as she was still in the state of confusion.

"Aria, we need to talk." She turned to face her door as she heard her mother.

"What is it mother?"

"Answer me honestly Aria, where did you get the money?" Aria remained silent as she was debating if she would tell her about the genie or not.

"Do you believe in magic?" Her mother confusedly asked what was she suddenly talking about as Aria decided to tell her about the Genie.

"Back in Sagada, I found this weird kettle and-"

before she was about to finish her story, her mother stood abruptly as she glanced at her with widen eyes as though she already knew the whole story.

"A k-kettle?" Aria nodded though she was confused.

"Do you know something about this, mother?" Her mother was taken aback with her daughter's question. A long moment of silence then her mother just left without a word, leaving Aria confused.

It was noon by then and Aria, unknowingly fled to the hilltop where she last encountered the genie. A moment of silence as she decided to take out the kettle from her bag. She weirdly brought the kettle with her since the incident in the hilltop where she was seated now.

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