Chapter 4 - A GENIE'S WISH

King Harlequin, on the other hand, seemingly have not grown any old after couple of centuries, he had been working hard to keep the ambiance of safety in their world as the barrier had begun to shatter which made the whole magus began living with uneasiness in their wholeness.

"Your Majesty," Having to be brought back from his deep thoughts, the king turned to face Gerharde as he sat in his wide highly stood royal sit, his throne.

"What brings you here, Gerharde?"

Authority filled the wholeness of the king's voice as Gerharde bowed to him before stating her reports she had gotten from the human world.

"About the discovered genie," Doubt ran within the wholeness of the lady as the king looked at her as though commanding to state anything she has in mind.

"Gowther, the 6th generation crown prince of the genie clan, I have had discovered his identity just as I have had him in sight in the sacred glass of the conjurers of the south. My apologies of being unaware of this elaborate information. I shall accept whatever punishment," with heads bowed, a deep release of breath was all she heard from the king.

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