Chapter 3 - A Force Love Contract With GANG LEADER

Kate had an older sister. Her mother had wanted a boy. And when she was born, her mother was disappointed. The next year she had a sister. Both her parents were upset, and the three girls were also a heavy burden on the family.

When Kate was four years old, her mother got pregnant again, and they finally had a brother.

When her brother was three years old, Kate’s younger sister took him out to play by the river. Her brother fell into the river by accident, and her younger sister was scared to death and kept crying. Kate happened to find them. Her first reaction was that her brother was the most important person in their family, and he could not die. She jumped into the river without thinking.

Kate didn’t remember how she got back to the riverbank. She only remembered the freezing water with thin ice floating on the surface. It was so cold, and her body felt lifeless.

When she woke up, the first thing she saw was her grandma’s happy face. She told her that she had had a fever for three days and nights.

Her mother brought her ginger tea, saying that it could expel the coldness inside her. She hated ginger, but she drank it obediently, and her body warmed up.

Her mother was sitting by her bed and pushed her wet hair back and said, “Thank you, Kate. Thank you for saving your brother.” Her parents rarely expressed their feelings, and these were the warmest words they had ever said to her.

She shook her head, and her tears came out.

Her mother asked again, “Where is it?”

Ah? Kate raised her head in puzzlement.

Her mother’s loving face was fading away. She asked harshly, “The disc. Where is the disc Caroline gave you?”

She muttered, “What is the disc?”

“Still playing dumb?” Bang! She was slapped in the face.

She looked at her mother, who had never been so fierce and malicious.

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