Chapter 4 - A Force Love Contract With GANG LEADER

Kate was surprised, but she shook her head immediately.

“OK. Smart.” Curly-head snorted.

He took another deep drag and threw his cigarette out of the window. And then he pointed at her with his forefinger and threatened her, “That thing since you said you didn’t have it, you’d better never take it out. Otherwise, you will end up like your friend…” He made a gesture of pointing a gun at her temple with his hand and pulling the trigger, “Bang!”

Kate shrank to the back of her seat but could not help asking, “She…did you…really kill her?”

Curly-head changed his face and said impatiently, “Better not to know too much.”

He pulled something from the front seat and threw it to her. She looked down. It was her shoulder bag.

“Get out.” After Curly-hair scrutinized her for a few more seconds, he released her.

Kate felt excited and pushed the door open. She jumped out hastily for fear they might reconsider. She walked fast at first, but as she got further away from the car, she simply ran.

The car didn’t drive away but stayed there until she lost sight of it at the corner. Curly-head went to sit in the front and took out his cell phone and called to report. “Boss. She has been sent back.”

“OK. Did you make the arrangement?”

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