Chapter 2 - A Force Love Contract With GANG LEADER

Kate didn’t expect her cries for help would reach anyone, and she was surprised to hear somebody respond. She was still not sure if it was real or a dream.

The two men responded quickly. They released her and stood up immediately and called with respect to the direction of the door, “Boss.”

Curly-hair asked, “Didn’t you go to the resort center? Why did you come back so soon?”

Kate turned back to see a cold-eyed big man with a dark coat standing at the door looking expressionlessly at them.

Curly-hair explained hastily, “This chick clamped up and wouldn’t tell us anything. So we had to give her some motivation.”

“By stripping her?” the man ridiculed. “If I came a little later, might I have interrupted your intimacy?”

The two men wanted to explain again but seeing his face, they hushed up.

The man strode to her and looked down at Kate on the floor. She had half-opened clothes, and her shoulders were still twitching while she sobbed. Her messy bangs covered half of her face, the hair on the floor was wet, and her chin was dripping with an unknown liquid, probably a mixture of tears and snot.

He frowned and reprimanded his men. “How could you treat a lady so rudely?”

And before he heard the response, he added, “Go fetch a basin of water.”

The two men looked at each other and couldn’t figure out what their boss was thinking. Would the boss clean up for the girl? One of them asked: “Cold or warm water?”

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