Chapter 1 - A Force Love Contract With GANG LEADER

The car was a dark color, and its headlights were not on. It hid in the dark night like an animal lurking. When Kate got to the middle of the alley, the car sped up suddenly, and she heard the sound of the engine.

She moved aside to avoid it. But the car passed her, turned 180 degrees, and blocked the road. The headlights were suddenly on, and she had to raise her hand to cover her eyes.

Kate frowned and opened her eyes a little. A dazzling white light came to her eyes. She took a few seconds to adapt to it and found it was a huge crystal chandelier hanging from a very high ceiling. The shining crystal beads of the chandelier reflected light to the walls of an extremely big room. Everything looked surreal.

And the next second, Kate realized that she was curled up and lying on her side on the floor. Her hands were tied behind her back, and her ankles were also bound with rope. She recalled the last scene she could remember and saw the light… She was taken aback. She had been…kidnapped!

“Awake?” A male voice asked from behind her.

She felt her body was still feeble, and it seemed that some smell was still lingering in her nose. She turned back labouredly and saw a couch with two young men sitting on it.

These men stood up simultaneously and walked towards her. She could see the outline of their muscles under their clothes. They reminded her of dangerous animals. She was scared and struggled to sit up.

The man with pale skin and curly hair bent down and lifted her chin with two of his fingers, spoke with a flighty tone, “Tell us. Where is it?”

Kate’s heart skipped a beat, but she showed nothing on her face and asked, “What is it?”

The man gave a snort of contempt. “Stop playing dumb with me. You know what it is.” And then he bit his lips and squeezed out the word “the disc.”

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