Chapter 2 - a fiery girl will born this way

An Hua was extremely conspicuous in the crowd. The black cotton braces skirt set off her cool temperament. Though both were women of the An Family and both had long, fluffy, seaweed-like hair and innocent eyes, Annie Baby (a writer whose surname isn’t An actually) wouldn’t dress in this way [Chinese-style sarcasm]. Jiang Youyou shook her head. Why had that picturesquely quiet An Hua now changed into such a tacky girl—fingernails were painted in showy purple red, while the toenails were in black, and the heels of her sandals were surprisingly high to seven centimeters. The taste of the company’s boss was really violent enough.

An Hua took over her luggage and said, “You haven’t had anything for breakfast, have you? Now hurry up to take a rest in my dorm first.

Now Jiang is in Shenzhen.

Jiang Youyou was sitting on No. 387 bus, raising her head to look at those high buildings. Why were these buildings so high? Why was the sky so blue? Why did the girls here dress so beautifully? Why were there so many flowers on both sides of the road? Besides, there were foreigners in twos and threes by the roadsides. Jiang Youyou’s mouth opened wide and her heart was thumping. How she wished she had two more eyes to look at all of these.

An Hua’s mobile phone began to ring and the ringtone of “Poisonous Perfume” filled the whole carriage. The loud noise of the ringtone made the girl sitting in front rise slightly from her seat. Ah Hua finally pressed the answer button until the song came to the lyric of “to dry my eyes and go to bed with you”. Her voice was a little trembling, “Yes, boss. Yes, I have picked up her. The interview is at half past eleven, is it? OK, I’m coming back to the dorm right now.”

“Aha? To have the interview in the morning?” Jiang Youyou was a bit nervous. “Can I have enough time to prepare?”

An Hua nodded and took out the steamed stuffed bun she bought near the station and handed it to Jiang Youyou, telling her to grab a bite.

The steamed bun stuffed with leek was still warm. Jiang Youyou looked at An Hua with gratitude. Sure enough, three year’s friendship developed in the college was not as weak as an unstable paper lantern. In twenty years of Jiang, this was the most delicious steamed stuffed bun she had ever had. They looked at each other, smiling, and the whole carriage smelled of leek.

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