Chapter 1 - a fiery girl will born this way

“Come back if you have a hard time out there. Director Li said last time that you are a college graduate, and a volunteer of our welfare home as well, and he can think about arranging for a position of clerk in Sanitation Institute. A salary of 700 yuan per month will be enough to feed yourself. If you have a lot of money you can live a rich life, yet if you live in poverty, you must accept the reality. Don’t worry about it.”

“Yes, I see. I have An Hua take care of me, so just rest assured. She gets a very high salary in that company, several thousand yuan per month. And the company is recruiting clerks right now, and I’ve already got an interview notice, so it’s impossible for me not to go. What’s more, by the time I’m offered the position I will surely buy a lot of things for you to eat, and for children as well.”

Fang Ruxiang sighed. It has been for twenty years, and it may be the time for the child to go to the outside world to enrich her experience. While she is thinking of this, the bag sewing is almost finished. Patting Jiang on the head, she said, “Now take this and keep your money safe. When going outside, do not talk to strangers casually, especially those strange men.”

Jiang Youyou lay in bed after a bath. Next to the pillow were the train ticket and that “thief-proofing briefs”. It was very hot. This room was for only one person, and the electric fan was shaking weakly. Even mosquitoes seemed so kind and warm that they gave up biting her. Even though she lay flat, her breasts stood firm like two hillocks. This perhaps had something to do with her love of swimming. Jiang Youyou stared at her own body and was in a daze. Then she picked up the briefs and put it on. “The briefs make me peculiar,” she thought.

“The banknotes stick luxuriously to my belly, but where is my tomorrow?”

When waking up, she suddenly felt being unable to drag herself away from this city in which she had already lived for twenty years. Although she neither knew who her biological parents were, nor did she know what their purpose of bringing her to this world was, she still felt joyful. The welfare home was a free kindergarten, and every one of her past friends saw her off at the railway station. In her eyes, Fang Ruxiang was her mother. Though her childhood was dark to some extent, bright days accounted for most of the time in her memory.

Li Le was a blind man, but he was in a good relationship with Jiang in the welfare home. He reached out to hold Jiang Youyou’s hands. He had calluses on the palms, due to giving people massage. A blind man with no fortune nor background usually lives as a fortune teller or a masseur. Two tears flowed out from Li Le’s hollow eye sockets. He said, “Take good care of yourself. I’ll miss you.”

Li Le was fond of liquor. Although he could never see the colour of the sky, he could judge whether it was a bottle of Erguotou, Jiannanchun, Yanjing Beer or Qingdao Beer by tasting it. As long as a person he met spoke to him, he could exactly determine who the person was next time. He could feel the subtle touch of a spider’s silk across his face. It had been a long time since his girlfriend cleaned the room and there was the smell of a strange man in it. In the body of his girlfriend existed the other men’s semen, so they broke up. He groped for his mobile phone and called Jiang Youyou. The two sat in boredom till dawn. The welfare home’s walls were thick but not very high. The moonlight was free but the beer must be paid. The bottles were thrown to the opposite deserted land with a dull thud. Jiang Youyou accompanied him to laugh, to cry and to get drunk. Time froze at this moment, only the dead leaves swaying off the top of the wall to the ground.

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