Chapter 0 - a fiery girl will born this way

Have you ever been to Shenzhen? Have you ever worn a dress priced in four digits or a suit in five digits sold in Seibu Department Store? Have you ever eaten dried noodles with peanut butter of two yuan in Ba Deng Street? Have you ever visited Minsk Aircraft Carrier World? Dameisha Beach is covered with sunflower seeds shells, cigarette butts and instant noodle bags; digging into the sands, you may find condoms of different lengths, thicknesses and sizes. Have you ever been there? Have you ever been idling about the East Gate, which is still crowded even in the wee hours? …

Jiang Youyou was never adopted successfully in Xiangfan Welfare Home when she was young. She was adopted twice, but the first time her adoptive mother got pregnant and could not afford to support her, so she was sent back to the welfare home at the age of seven. The second adoptive family was very wealthy, and she was fed and dressed up like a princess. When she wore a pair of small-heeled leather shoes with pink bowknots for the first time, Jiang Youyou felt herself in a dream. Her schoolmates envied her very much. Every day she was sent off to school and picked up back after school by an Audi. She could never forget the day of her birthday. She wore a small crown on doll-like curls. The white Tutu skirt set off her sweet cheeks, and the Swarovski crystal cherry necklace she wore was gleaming. Her birthday present was a Swatch limited-edition wrist watch of "Snow Elf".

The birthday cake for that day was as tall as a man, and all her schoolmates were invited to have a buffet in a revolving restaurant, where one could freely get endless ice cream of various flavors. After the banquet, they were all invited to see the film Harry Potter 2 (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets), each ticket cost 60 yuan. No girl did not stamp her feet with envy. Nevertheless, a man got on her bed at the midnight that day. Her adoptive father slipped in her quilt and rubbed Jiang Youyou’s immature body ceaselessly, breathing heavily with unpleasant mixed smells of alcohol and garlic. He was crazy like a wild lion ravaging a lamb. Jiang Youyou cried helplessly but her adoptive mother played deaf and dump in the next room. She sighed and covered her ears, turning over. She only hoped to stop her husband from chasing after the beauties with Jiang Youyou’s body.

Finally, Jiang Youyou bit it hard at the moment when he sent his huge cock to her mouth. Her adoptive father’s face twisted painfully. Holding his penis with Jiang’s teeth print, he slapped her hard across the face and hurried away in panic. At midnight of her birthday, Jiang Youyou hurriedly packed up some clothes and ran all the way to the welfare home, crying with a bleeding nose, sobbing and swearing. She seemed to murmur curses against her parents, and accused them of giving birth to her and abandoning her soon afterwards. When she spat on the ground, the bright red nosebleed flowed into her mouth, warm, with the smell of rusty iron.

she never saw the second adoptive parents again. I

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was written the date of her birth, and a bag of wheat was at her side. She had her own name—Jiang Youyou, and it said that she was a child from a village and the family had already had two other daughters and was really impossible to afford the third. The name was quite hu

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