Chapter 3 - a fiery girl will born this way

The so-called interview, recruit and high pay were all cheating. When having lunch, Jiang Jun talked about “our company’s golden sales strategies” at the table, with spit splashing in the air.

There were only two dishes, one stewed cabbage with green bean vermicelli, the other fried fat pork with hot pepper. Everyone ate with might and main, scrambling for the food, as if they were all born of starving ghosts in previous existence.

Seeing Jiang Youyou’s blank look, Jiang Jun ordered a woman who was slightly hunchbacked, “Fetch some water for the newcomer and wash her feet.”

The woman was perhaps no more than thirty years old, with confusion in her eyes, which seemed never open due to sleepiness and never in focus. She fetched a basin of water, took off Jiang Youyou’s shoes and put her feet into the basin. Jiang Youyou’s delicate toes were fair and clear, like skinned fresh ginger, even the blue veins on the insteps could be seen clearly.

Warmth rose from the sole of her feet. The woman raised her head and smiled at Jiang Youyou with weirdness and flattery. Her hands, interweaving like snakes, rubbed Jiang Youyou’s toes.

“No, no, don’t do that.” Jiang Youyou wanted to pull her feet away, but the woman pressed them down forcibly. “This is the company’s welfare.”

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