Chapter 4 - A-dork-able

I was nervous on Monday morning.Anderson and I had spent hours going from store to store Saturday andSunday as he’d given me a crash course in fashion and what worked best for my body type—slender almost to the point of bone thin—and my hair color,along with pale,freckly skin.He also made fast friends with one sales guy who asked for his number so they could“hang out.”It would be interesting to see how things progressed on that front.

I’d never paid much attention to grooming and such,apart from the basics,but what Anderson had said made sense,and when I saw myself in the mirror at the end of it all,I almost didn’t recognize myself.As for my hair,he’d taken me to a salon to give me an overpriced haircut—in my opinion—which did things to my face that I didn’t think were possible.

Gone was the ordinary,uninteresting face I grew up with.And my green eyes seemed brighter,somehow…Still,I might look a sight better than I had before,but I was the same Alister I’d always been.

And now,it was Monday,and Anderson had gone off to work,wishing me luck and leaving me to face my judgmental coworkers alone.God,I hoped I didn’t spill anything on my new clothes today.

When I entered the building,the woman behind the security desk who always ignored my greetings practically launched herself over the counter to wish me“a happy good morning to you,sir.”I mumbled something in reply and tried not to run to the elevator,though I really,really wanted to

As I rode up to my floor,I realized that some of my coworkers were next to me,and their looks of shock weren’t exactly encouraging,though it made a change from being ignored or laughed at,perhaps.

I walked by the usual cubicles and noticed that conversation became subdued as I headed for my desk.I could feel sweat running down my neck,even though it was probably fifty-five degrees in the building.

Heather hadn’t arrived,so at least I didn’t have to deal with her comments just yet.I still felt eyes on me,but I did my best to ignore them and settled behind my desk,fingers tapping away at the keys as I started my workday.

“Fuck me,Alister.Is that really you?”Shit,did she have to be so loud?

I groaned internally as I looked up from the computer screen to see Heather gaping at me.It wasn’t a pretty sight and she had a lot of fillings.“Yes,it’s me.Something I can help you with?I’m kind of busy.”

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