Chapter 3 - A-dork-able

When I got home that night,I heard grunts and groans coming from the laptop in Anderson’s room,which meant he was whacking off to gay porn again.He did this so often it had become like white noise in the apartment.I’d offer to take him to a gay bar so he could experience the real thing,but my own forays weren’t that noteworthy and I’d only end up embarrassing both of us.

I heated up leftover spaghetti and meat sauce while I showered and dressed in a threadbare white T-shirt and red Star Trekboxer shorts.Yes,I have a thing for Star Wars and Star Trek,okay?I piled the food on a plate and sat on the old couch in front of the TV,ready to catch up on my shows.

Halfway through Gotham,Anderson finally stumbled into the living room and collapsed on the loveseat.“I didn’t hear you come in,”he said on a sigh as he ran his fingers through sweaty hair.

“I’m not surprised,”I replied before turning back to the TV.

“How’d it go with lunch today?”Oh,great,he’s chatty.

“It was fine until some woman bumped into me and I ended up on the floor after slipping on her sandwich,and her drink ruined my shirt and jacket.I really impressed Jaiden,let me tell you.”

“Geez,Al.It’s like you have a cloud over you or something.”

“Probably,”I grumbled.I stared at the TV for a few minutes before asking,“Do you think I need to change the way I dress?Someone said something to me today and I’m not sure how to take it.”

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