Chapter 2 - A-dork-able

Lunch wasn’t that bad,in the beginning.Jaiden had chosen a sandwich shop about two blocks away that had wide tables where customers could eat and work,which was what we did.

The cashier flirted outrageously with him,as did the guy who made his sandwich.By the time we sat at our table,he looked annoyed.

“You seem to have a fan club wherever you go,”I said jokingly before biting into my bacon guacamole.Yum.

“I suppose I should be used to it by now,but it still gets on my nerves.”That surprised me.

“You don’t like being adored by men and women?”I’d never experienced that,myself.

He took a bite of his Cuban sandwich and chewed for a bit before replying,“I prefer to be adored by one person,and it needs to be real and not based on looks,my Armani suit,or my bank account.”Huh.

“I see.”

We finished our meal before delving into the documents Jaiden had brought with him.This time,I made sure to pay attention to what he was saying,though it was distracting as hell being so close to him.

When it was time to go back to work,I thanked him for lunch and grabbed the folder we’d been reviewing.Unfortunately,when I stood,I bumped into one of the customers who’d been typing on her cell phone with one hand and carrying her sandwich in the other,her drink held under an armpit

and skidded on the floor,landing on my butt.All I heard was laughter and the screams

best to go to my apartment,which was only a few blocks away,and change.I looked up to see Jaide

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