Chapter 5 - A-dork-able

“You’re made for this kind of work,Alister.I don’t know why the hell you’re in HR.”I didn’t kiss ass,for one thing.

I shrugged as I swallowed a bite of my Southwest BLT sandwich.“I started there as an intern and never left.”I’d never thought of leaving,either.Figured,with my track record,socially speaking,I would remain where I was until they fired me or something.It was the shiny,friendly people who didn’t trip over their laces or spill coffee once a day that got ahead.Funnily enough,I hadn’t done either of those this morning.Huh.

“Well,I think you’re wasted where you are.”He smiled at me,then cleared his throat.“So,one more week?We should do something to celebrate once this is over.I’m throwing a party at my house next Saturday.You should come.Bring a friend or two,if you like.”As if I had more than one.

My eyes were probably as wide as saucers.“Me?”I squeaked.“You’re inviting me to a party?”That had never happened to me before.

Jaiden frowned.“Yeah.Is that a problem?”

“No!I…sorry,I’m just…surprised is all.Sure,thanks,I’ll come.”And drag Anderson along with me so I wouldn’t embarrass myself too much.

Jaiden smiled,seeming relieved,for some reason.“Great!I’ll make sure you have my address closer to that date.”He finished his sandwich and wiped his mouth with a napkin,which just drew my eyes to his lips and wishing I knew what they tasted like.Would his tongue curve around mine as we kissed hungrily,no breath to spare?Would he…?

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