Chapter 1 - A Deal With The Millionaire

Chapter 02

Layla finally got home and sighed, still thinking about yesterday.

Could she ever get away from the supervisor?, He wouldn't stop till he achieved his goal!.

She can't succumb to his request, not at all!, But she's scared of what he could do, he could force himself on her!.

" Hey, are you okay? " Mira asked and she nodded.

" How about we go out?, to have fun? " She asked and Layla had a quick thought about it, before finally agreeing, and with that, they both left the apartment.


These two were finally back from their outing when Layla's phone beeped

* Her father had been admitted in the hospital *

These two rushed out again as they found their way to the hospital.

* A hospital in the Nothern part of the Town *

" Sir, that's a lot of money " Mirah complained , they're currently in the doctor's office, and after diagnosing Layla's father, they found out that his illness had gotten worse and he would need lots of money for his treatment.

" I mean, that's twice our life time savings, Is there a thing we could do?, Please sire, we can't afford that, it's much " Mira pleaded.

" It's your fault!, I administered certain drugs to get for him, but you didn't heed to this, and now it's gradually becoming worse, I hope it doesn't get to the final stage when it wouldn't be curable! " He said and Mirah gasped before turning to Layla, who was staring blankly at nothing.

She has lots of things going on in her head right now, first, it's her being bothered about her university tuition fees, now it's her dad's treatment fees, could her life get worser than this?.

She knew her mom wouldn't had bought all those drugs administered to them then, as she kept saying it was okay and they didn't want to bother her, and now it's almost getting to the last stage!, She hoped his dad would be fine.

* At Mr Lawrence Ward *

" Mom, everything will be fine, I'll get enough money to pay for his treatment, I'll find a way " Layla finally said to her mom while Mirah consoled her.

" WE'll,, find a way " Mira corrected Layla as she glared at her.

" Am just worried, I know everything will be fine, I don't want you two to worry too much, you should be worried about getting money to pay for your university fees instead, I have some money that could be enough, all you need to do is add little to it, and everyone will be fine " Ella said and Layla scoffed.

" No, I have enough money to take care of it, you shouldn't worry at all " Layla said and signalled to Mirah to stand.

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