Chapter 2 - A Deal With The Millionaire

Chapter 03

" Gosh " Layla muttered, trying to catch her breath as the driver drove her off.

She wasn't in her right mind as she kept thinking about what could have happened if she hadn't escaped, he could have raped her.

The thoughts of her losing her virginity as a result of rape sent shivers down her spine.

Then, it striked her, where was she?.. whose car is she in?, Where are they headed to?, Is she being kidnapped?.

She turned swiftly and her eyes trailed up as the figure beside her was so tall.

He had this cold and blank expression on and that made her heart race in fear.

Are they kidnappers?, She noticed they were two, and there was another driver driving them to an unknown destination.

" Sir... " She called in a broken voice, she had lost her voice.

The huge and hefty man turned to her and she swallowed nothing down her throat.

" I'm sorry, but I don't know you.. I'm sorry for entering your car, Could you please drop me here? " She asked, trying not to show how scared and nervous she was.

" It's fine ma'am, we meant no harm.. out boss ordered us to bring you to him " He replied, politely.

" Boss? " She thought inwardly.

She wanted to say a thing but it got stuck in her throat as she was scared, things could go wrong.

Throughout the rest of the drive, she kept hoping, she was save and not in some kind of danger.


" Please, get down ma'am " The guard said again, after informing her about their arrival to the destination, but she sat still.

She was scared, where were they taking her to?.

" It's fine ma'am, I promise " The guard said again with an assuring smile and she nodded gently before sluggishly alighting from the car.

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