Chapter 3 - A Deal With The Millionaire

Chapter 04

" Sir?.. " She asked, like she had heard something strange.

" Yeah, just for the wedding, and after then we can go on our separate ways " He said, hoping he could convince her.

She looked like someone that could help and that was why they had thought about asking her for help, hoping she would accept.

" Please " Claus pleaded, when she hadn't said a thing.

" I... " She sighed softly.

" I'm sorry, but I don't think I want to do this, in as much as I would have loved to help, but I can't... I mean, people could find out about this... I.. "

" No one will, trust me " Shane said in a pleading tone, and she wondered why he was acting soft towards her.

The Shane Kent she had knew always wore a cold look on whenever he was being interviewed, but here he was, acting like the sweetest man ever.

Honestly, Shane doesn't really know why he's acting leniet towards her, for some weird reasons, he kinda trusts her, even though they met once, he could read her, she was kind and nice, and that made her have a soft spot in his heart unconsiously.

" But, you could get anyone to do this for you, why me? " She asked slowly.

" We just.. "

" Cause I trust you... " Shane blurted out and Layla stared at him in suprise.

" I trust you to be a trustworthy lady and a nice one at that, you would help us 'cause you have a soft heart, without anyone hearing about this " He said, staring at her and she was doing the same.

" You don't even know me " She tried to defend.

" But I can read you " He replied, and she looked away, breaking the stare.

" I'm sorry, but I would have to reject this, this isn't right, people could find out " She said and made to stand.

" It's just for a day.. no one is going to find out, trust us, we have our ways " Claus interrupted.

" You don't get this?, I have my dignity to protect, I don't want it bashed 'cause of a silly act, this isn't right... "

" How much do you want? " Shane asked, interrupting her.

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