Chapter 0 - A Deal With The Millionaire

Chapter 01

** Yummy Restaurant **

" You kids should hurry up, we have to ensure everything is in place, we don't wanna make any mistake at all " The supervisor said to the workers, as he moved around supervising their works.

His eyes caught Layla, one of the attendants and winked at her while she looked away immediately.

A smirk played on his lips as he walked away.

" Can't believe he just addressed us as kids " Lila, one of the waitress hissed and the others chuckled.

" Hey, are you okay? " Mira tapped her friend, Layla, softly as they both arranged the luxurious chairs, placing them in order.

" Yeah " She mumbled under her breath but loud enough for her to hear.

" Is it about the fees? " She asked and Layla released a deep breath.

" Yeah, I'm just worried, If we're ever going to make enough money off this job that could be enough for the tution fees, tho the pay here is good, I just don't think working here for some few months could be enough, I think we need more jobs " Layla replied and Mira sighed.

" It's fine, we would find a way out " Mira assured and She nodded.

Mira and Layla had been friends since birth, they've become so close that people often regarded them as sisters as a result of their close intimacy.

They've become so close that they share each other's secrets. They both attended the same school right from prep, and even attended the same high school and graduated together, and are now planning to attend the same college to study the same course.

Together, they're striving hard to gather enough money that could be enough to pay their University tution fees, towards this, they got a job at a well-known and expensive restaurants as waitress and the pay is quite good.

Currently, the restaurant is preparing and getting ready to close as a wedding would be holding there that week. A well-known millionaire , Shane Kent, would be getting married to his fiancee.

He's a handsome and well-known business man, every ladies dream, he getting married sure made tons of ladies jealous of his fiancee.

" Layla " Miles, one of the servers called as he approached them and the girls turned to him.

" The supervisor seeks your attention " He said and Layla groaned mentally before nodding.

" Alright, I'll see him soon " She replied simply and he nodded before walking away.

" You haven't given him a reply yet? " Mira asked

" Hmm " She hummed in response, The supervisor actually asked her out to a date.

" So, what's gon' be your reply? " Mira asked and Layla groaned.

" Really?, I can't go on a date with him, he's older than me, and moreover, I ain't ready for a relationship now, I got lots of things on my head " Layla replied.

" He only asked you out on a date, not like he's asking you to be his girlfriend, and the last time I checked he's 24 " Mira said.

" I can't, I will politely turn him down " She replied and with that walked away.


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