Chapter 3 - A Deal with the Devil


"I think I need a new pack of earbuds or maybe even a hearing aid. My hearing seems to be in a defect." Simone muttered, rubbing both her ears.

I rolled my eyes, slapping her shoulder. "There's nothing wrong with your ears. You heard right."

"So you are dating Colton Hastings? Wow! Never thought I'd see this day." She muttered, lifting her eyebrows in surprise.

"I never thought that too." I grumbled, looking at my new fake boyfriend as he strolled into the school with his two best friends hanging on both his sides like they were his very own sexy minions.

"And how did this even happen?" Simone inquired, licking her finger that was smeared with Nutella.

I wrinkled my nose in disgust. "How did you even get that on your finger? And stop licking it, you're giving the guys a signal."

She rolled her eyes, wiping off the finger on her hanky. "I have started to carry a small jar of Nutella. Helps to control my mood swings you know?"

"You don't get many mood swings." I reminded her, looking in her skirt pocket, and found a plastic bag half full of Nutella. "Just hope it doesn't get a hole. Everyone will have fun watching you explain why brown liquid stuff is coming from under the skirt."

"Eww, that won't happen. Don't get your hopes up." She assured, putting her arm over my shoulders. "So about this boyfriend thingy? I want the details and by details, I mean each and everyone, even the distance between you two when he asked you out. Oh and when I am talking on the phone don't you leave me on hold. Don't ever do that again Racheal Amy Smith. I hate it."

I exhaled heavily looking upwards. "Don't call my full name again. I have heard enough of it yesterday."

"Why? Never mind. So I stayed on the line." She continued, sauntering through the hallways to our next class, occasionally looking back at familiar faces who smiled at me and making me smile too. Ugh, socialization! "And then I hear you curse and I want to know why but my mother-"

"Is it just I or everyone is actually staring at me?" I gulped, looking as students passed by us, staring and pointing fingers and speaking in not-so-hushed tones.

"Don't cut me off like that." She complained, looking around with me. "You're dating Colton Hastings what else do you expect? He's like the Channing Tatum of our school, hot, loved by all, and always on the 'I-want-to-fuck-him' list. Now that he's taken. I'm surprised why they haven't tried to kill you yet."

I stared at my best friend incredulously. "Whose side are you on? Mine or theirs?"

"I pick no sides. Amen." She whispered with innocent eyes, doing the cross sign.

I scowled at her, slapping her arm off me. "Backstabber. Get away from me."

She laughed, putting her arm back on my shoulder. "I love you too. Now don't interrupt."

I nodded, giving her a thumbs up.

"Okay so mom called me to do the laundry, I swear I am starting to regret changing clothes so often, I am the one who has to wash them now. But that is why I had to cut the call. Then I expected you to call back and you didn't so I thought 'gah, leave it, her loss' and I slept. The next morning I enter school and hear, Racheal Smith, my best friend is dating Colton Hastings, my um no-one." She shrugged. "You know how embarrassing it was to tell them it was all a lie only to know it wasn't."

I sighed, patting her hip. "Sorry, Simone. It happened so suddenly."

"Half a day? I don't think suddenly is enough. More like in a blink of an eye." She countered, glaring at me. "I don't talk to you for half a day and this is what happens? You go and date the next Harry Styles. And you have never even talked to the guy."

I stopped her outside the classroom door. "I'll tell you everything after school okay? Ice cream, your treat." Winking at her as I entered the almost full classroom.

"Why should I pay?" she moaned, sitting on our regular bench.

I put my bag next to hers. "Because you want to know the story." I grinned at her making her frown and narrow her eyes.

Just then the teacher entered and all conversations died. After 15 minutes of listening to electromagnetic force and some horny attracted particles that cause it, I heard Simone grumble softly.

"One scoop."



"Fine." I huffed. "But with toppings."

"I hate you."

I threw my rubber at her. "I love you too."


"Are you not going to sit with your boyfriend?" Simone asked in a hushed tone as I walked with her to our usual lunch table.

I scowled at her, sitting on the chair and smiling politely at the two other friends sitting in front. Turning to Simone I whispered back. "I am not his iPhone to be with him all the time. If he wants he can come but I sincerely doubt that-"

"He's coming here." She completed.

I smiled, picking up the sandwich. "Exactly but improve your grammar. It should be 'he'll come here.'"

She slapped my hand, making the bread slip back on the plate. "What?" I hissed, picking it back.

"He's coming here!" She exclaimed hyperventilating.

I furrowed my eyes and followed her gaze. Four guys with over-filled plates in one hand and a pack of juice in the other walked towards us. Unfortunately one of them was my 'fake' boyfriend. 

My eyes couldn't leave them until they were right in front of us. All four with huge big grins and mischievous glints in their eyes. My jaw couldn't have gone lower.

"Hey, girlfriend." Colton Hastings greeted, circling the table and sitting half on my lap, making me scoot over and stick to Simone as he got comfortable in the newly available space.

Finally getting over my shock I snapped. "What are you doing here Hastings?"

He raised his eyes from his plate towards me innocently. "Just sitting with my girlfriend."

I smiled sweetly suddenly noticing the gargantuan amount of eyes on us. "Honey how sweet of you to join us." I rubbed his shoulders, sending him a 'you-are-so-dead' sign with my eyes. He winked and I promptly kicked his shin, making him groan.

"Hey, I am Drew Roy." A black-haired guy with brown eyes smiled at us. Colton's best friend.

"Hey." I smiled back. I am Racheal Smith but you already know that." I pointed to Simone. "This is Simone Maxwell, my best friend." I turned to the twins, gaping at us. "The one with purple streaks is Eva and the one with blue streaks is Ira."

Drew stared at them with wide eyes. "Aren't you two Indians?"

They both nodded simultaneously.

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