Chapter 4 - A Deal with the Devil


"Ouch, that hurt." I moaned leaning on the bed, eyes closed with pain.

"It is supposed to." My 'fake' boyfriend smirked happily, lying beside me.

"Next time you find some shock-giving gum, try it on someone else." I hissed, slapping his arm.

He grinned, putting the gum stick box in the cover. The prank was actually stupid and old, I just didn't see it coming. So when he offered me a gum from his five gum stick box I happily accepted it. Because well who doesn't like gum? But when I tried to pull it I ended up getting mildly electrocuted. And damn it, it hurt!

"Does your mother know I'm here?" Colton asked, chuckling when he saw my pout of annoyance.

I snorted. "Of course not. She'll kill you first then teach me the ethics of life and self-respect and how all guys are jerks and then kill me. And by the way why are you even here?"

He had suddenly shown up 20 minutes earlier at my window while I was finding some good YouTube videos to watch and I still didn't know the reason for his unexpected presence.

He shrugged. "I was bored."

I gave him a flat look. "So? My house isn't a brothel."

He returned my flat look. "Could have fooled me."

"You have to come back in a few hours anyway for the dinner with mom." I reminded, slapping his arm from touching my iPhone. "That's an iPhone, not a wePhone."

"I am your boyfriend."

"Fake." I corrected, unplugging the earphones from my phone, there goes my chance of listening to Ryan Higa's puns.

"But boyfriend." He retorted, standing and staring around my room.

I shifted uncomfortably. Suddenly it seemed that our relationship had reached another personal level. He was looking at the transparent purple curtains that half hid the window and the small bamboo plant on the railing. The flower paintings hung just above my huge soft bed. The dark purple rug hadn't been cleaned in ages. Cupboards that had photos of Ryan Gosling and Johnny Depp stuck on them with a few Disney princesses.

"I was small." I justified, turning red in embarrassment.

He smiled. "I have photos of Jessica Alba too."

He stared at our reflections in the huge mirror on the cupboard, him standing in all his glory in a dark blue tee and light blue low waist jeans and me, sitting on the bed with a pillow wearing a pink tank top and black shorts.

"Why is your mirror so huge?"

I bit my lip, my cheeks colouring up more. "Uh, I take pics?"

He looked into my eyes through the mirror, raising his eyebrows. "Really?"

I shrugged, looking at my lap. "Yeah, most people have it. Mirror selfies."

"Wow. Never really understood the trend of selfies. My forehead looks big when I take it." Colton muttered, unconsciously pressing his fingers on his forehead. 

I bit my lip from replying sarcastically.

He glanced around looking at the small plastic cabinet that held around 50 books and 20 DVDs. "Any good movies?"

"I have Frozen?" I usually just downloaded them from Torrent.

"No! Anna gives me a headache."

I chuckled lightly, leaving my bed and picking up cushions from the side.

"Why so many cushions? There are around five." He asked curiously.

I laughed awkwardly. "I uh love to cuddle."

He smirked, winking at me. "I am more comfortable. Wanna cuddle while watching Star Wars?"

I laughed, shaking my head. "Nope, my pillows are good enough."

"Whom are you talking to Racheal?" A teasing voice came from behind the locked making us freeze.

"Shit! Shit!" I cussed, looking around frantically for a place to hide Colton.

"Is that your brother Josh?" Colton asked in a high voice and I was sure people in France could hear it.

I slapped his shoulder. "Shut up! Want to get us killed?" I hissed pulling him towards my cupboard.

"Racheal." Josh shouted in a sing-song voice. "I'm calling mom."

"No!" I screamed.

Colton broke free of my hold on his arm and walked to the door.

"Are you crazy? What are you doing? Hastings!" I hissed, running after him.

"Shut up Smith."

I wanted to smash his face on the huge mirror in my room but couldn't because Colton opened the door and my arrogant brother would be an eye witness. Darn eyes!

"Hey, Josh." Colton greeted, giving him the man nod.

Josh returned the nod, smirking at me. "Hey, Colton."

Colton leaned sumptuously against the open door locking his ankles. "I heard you got into a fight with Derrick Rome."

My jaw fell on the ground as I saw Josh's whole demeanor change. His arms went limp against the sides, eyes wide with shock and tongue-tied inside an open mouth. Well so much for calling mom.

"Josh? Again?" I asked in disbelief. 

He gulped, blinking repeatedly. "I uh-"

"And you got detention after school for two days." Colton interrupted, clearly enjoying knowing these details.

"That's why you weren't home when I came back yesterday." I uttered, putting my hands on my hips. "And you lied about Matt being hurt and you had to get him back home."

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