Chapter 5 - A Deal with the Devil


Blackmailer- 'On a scale of 1 to 10, you're a 9 and I'm the 1 you need.'

I bit my lip from smiling like a crazy obsessed cat because the Math sir was looking straight at my desk from above his thick black glasses. The second his inquisitive eyes shifted, I typed a reply.

'Please I am a full 10! Don't need to be your lonely 1.'

Blackmailer- 'Honey I'm all you need and more.'

'Keep dreaming.'

Blackmailer- 'Oh I did, which reminds me you must be tired from all the stuff we did in my dreams yesterday night.'

I shook my head, a soft chuckle escaping my mouth.

"What got you all high on happiness?" Simone muttered from beside me, curiously looking at who I was texting.

I led up a forefinger, indicating her to wait. She blew a strand of her hair angrily. "Fine."

'You mean how I beat you up pathetically? Oh yeah, it was tiring but fun.'

I turned to Simone. "I'm not high on happiness. Just happy." I corrected.

She raised her eyebrows with disbelief. "Oh yeah? Have you seen yourself? It looks like you just had mind-blowing sex with your one true love."

I rolled my eyes. "Now you're just exaggerating." My phone vibrated and I opened the text.

Blackmailer- 'Ah yes, you beat me with that Flogger. That was kinky and fun. And those handcuffs and pleasure balls. Such sweet dreams.'

Needless to say, the second I read the first line I was choking on my breath. Making the whole class look at my red embarrassed face. I felt like they were all judging me and had somehow read that text.

"Problem Racheal?" Mr. Arbascus questioned, leaving the unsolved limit question and looking at me.

I gulped heavily, shaking my head. "No no. Just oxygen went in the wrong pipe."

He nodded, clearly not believing me. "Drink water and make sure the oxygen doesn't go into the wrong pipe again. Now when the limit is 0 so-"

"What was that about?" Simone hissed, staring at my phone.

"Nothing." I whispered back, keeping my phone in the jeans pocket, not caring to reply to that text. During the whole lecture, my attention was engaged by specific words in his text instead of understanding the behavior of a limit function.

"You didn't reply to that text." Colton Hastings reminded me as he sat beside me for lunch.

I chose to ignore him and ate my sandwich.

"Were you the one texting her during class?" Simone interrogated ignoring my swift kick to her shin under the table. A mischievous smirk on her face. I knew that smirk very well, last time that smirk was the cause of me getting drunk and singing Jingle bells just in my undergarments.

"No." I instantly said, glaring at Simone.

Colton's eyes frowned. "But I was texting you."

I slapped my forehead mentally. And I knew my gut was right when it whispered that this lunchtime would be embarrassing.

Simone's smirk widened. "No wonder she was blushing the whole time."

"Mr. Abacus-" Ira piped in, using the name we had given our Math sir. "-he caught her choking on her breath with a face brighter than a red flame."

I rolled my eyes. "I told you already, oxygen went through the wrong pipe."

Ira and Eva snorted together. "Did that oxygen come from his text?"

I frowned at them. "Stop talking like that."

"Like what?" They asked together, smirking innocently.

"Creepy." Drew muttered, fake shuddering.

"No one's talking to you Loser." Ira retorted, glaring at him.

He sighed. "Come on it was just hair."

"And where did you get my number from?"

We looked at an awkward Drew with open shock and interest.

"You texted her?" Colton patted Drew's shoulder, holding back a laugh.

Drew hit Colton's arm, a slight pink settling on his cheeks. "I just wanted to apologize."

"Aww." I and Simone cooed together, winking at a scowling Ira.

"Drew's got a crush. La la lala." Nathan sang, instantly followed by Adrian.

"Fu*k you guys." Drew punched their arms, glaring at them.

Ira shifted uncomfortably. "I uh need to go to the library." She spoke hurriedly before anyone could stop her, she was running out of the canteen.

Drew sighed, banging his head on the table. "Great now she thinks I'm a freak."

"No, she doesn't." Eva assured, smiling sweetly at him. "She's just confused. She doesn't like attention, she isn't used to it. So she just doesn't know how to handle it."

Drew lifted his head, looking at us. "I haven't got a crush okay. She just - intrigues me."

We all rolled our eyes. "Whatever you say, Drew, whatever you say."

He scowled banging his head back on the table. "Bloody asshole friends."

We chuckled, Nathan and Colton patted his back. "All will be good honey. You will have your happily ever after." Colton mocked, ruffling Drew's hair.

Drew slapped his arm off, setting his hair again. "That took me 15 minutes to set up."

Simone shrugged, staring at the midnight hair. "Looks the same."

"Get specs."

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