Chapter 2 - A Deal with the Devil


"Racheal Amy Smith."

I looked at my light blue ceiling adorned with old fluorescent moons and stars in a 'what-now' expression. Sighing to myself, I shouted. "WHAT MOM?"

But there was no reply for 10 seconds and then. "Racheal Smith ARE YOU DEAF!?"

I huffed in frustration as I kept my Mickey Mouse bookmark on page 149 of Sidney Sheldon's If Tomorrow Comes. I could easily bet that she heard my reply but apparently screaming my name until I am right in front of her, is her hobby. "Coming mom."

As I went downstairs I saw Josh laying on the couch with his feet on the pillow on it as he fanned himself with some kind of a golden card.

"Feet off the couch." I slapped his feet as I dusted the pillow and made myself comfortable on it. "Where's mom?"

I saw a huge smirk dawn on Josh's face and it creeped me out. Please tell me she doesn't know anything about the car accident. I crossed my fingers behind my back waiting for my idiot brother's reply.

"She's cooling herself down."

Oh shit! She knows! She knows! I am going to die! I die! Me no more live! Shit and I'm still a virgin!

"Racheal Amy Smith!" I heard my mother shout as she came into the room with a large spoon in her right hand and the other hand on her hip. Her face red, swarming with anger and her blue eyes, a bit darker than mine, narrowed on me, making me squirm nervously.

"Mom I'm really sorry." I started, tapping my thigh at a fast pace. "I was going to tell you I swear."

"Oh yeah when? After three months?"

I opened my mouth to deny but shut it instantly. How did she know about three months? Oh yeah, I am dead meat. It was great while it lasted, Tada. "No uh yeah. I mean. It was an accident mom."

Her eyes squinted. "What do you mean it was an accident?"

"I didn't do it on purpose." I assured my mom, looking at her with a puppy face. Just as my mom's eyes softened and my stupid-ass brother, Josh spoke up.

"She's doing the puppy face mom, don't give in." and my mom's eyes hardened again.

I pinched his legs, making sure the nails dug in his flesh, and ignored his wince and glares. I and mom looked at each other and spoke at the same time.

"I'll pay for it."

"You have a boyfriend!"

I froze at her words. "A what?" I asked, scoffing at the absurd word I just heard.

"Boyfriend." She repeated like I was a loon. "And what will you pay for?"

'What boyfriend?" I questioned, ignoring the latter part as I looked at my crazy family members in complete mystification.

Josh rolled his eyes and handed me the card he was previously fanning himself with. "This boyfriend."

I took the golden card with an inquisitive glance and read it.

You are cordially invited to celebrate the opening of a new Hastings Company by Daxton Hastings and family.

Please bless us with your presence on 25th July at –

"Oh that's not the end, look at the back." Josh said and slowly turned to see the back.

To, Miss. Racheal Smith representing Colton Hastings's girlfriend. Family is also welcome.

My eyes kept zeroing on the word girlfriend.

"Now Racheal why didn't you tell me about your ridiculously rich boyfriend?" My mother demanded, sitting on the chair in front of me.

I opened my mouth to answer but any connection between my brains and tongue had cut off. My mind was as blank as my newly found boyfriend's brains.

"Yeah sis you should have told us." Josh taunted, hitting my shoulder with his ankle.

I frowned at him and gave my mom an apologetic smile. "I need to pee. Now. Brb." I gripped the cursed card and ran to my room, shutting the door and leaning against him.

"Colton Hastings you better start thinking your last words." I blasphemed, throwing the card on my bed and grabbing my iPhone. I almost cleared all the texts until I saw one from an unknown number. I clicked on it.

555-333-555: 'Got the invitation?'

I stared at the text and resisted the urge to hurl my phone at the wall. I quickly typed a reply.

'You fudging a-hole! What girlfriend? Who girlfriend? I don't know any girlfriend. You either got the name wrong or the description.'

Within ten seconds my phone beeped.

555-333-555: 'So looks like you got it. Wear a good dress.'

"Ugh!" I screamed in my throat in vexation.

'I am not coming.'

555-333-555: 'Don't. I haven't even touched you yet.'

'Oh My God! You're such an obnoxious pig.'

555-333-555: 'Aww. Sweet. Don't call your boyfriend that.'

I gritted my teeth. I went on Google and searched for the most vulgar cuss words and copied them on my keypad, I was just about to paste them when my mother's voice came. "Honey, are you trying to pee more than Niagara Falls?"

I opened my mouth to reply but my phone vibrated and saw the unknown number call. I took a deep breath and accepted the call.

"You prick, you asshole, you retard, you psychopathic serial killer, you atrocious beast, you sordid-"

"Go to your garage."

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