Her eyes were even larger now, huge and luminous and filled with shock and disbelief. When the man slowly backed into the center of the floor, slid the zipper down on his leather jacket. He saw her gasp.

Her intent expression, of innocence mixed with curious wonder, annoyed him, making him feel ….He wasn’t even sure what this feeling was. That he could feel his face heat angered him. He was too old, too cynical now, and oh, too professional to actually get jealous over a client. Damn her.

Bonnie Rimmer was no longer a picture, but a real breathing woman. The lights in the bar illuminated her face and David let himself stare at her for a while. The pictures he had seen were clearly a shoddy portrayal of the woman because the real life version was so much better.

The man on the stage seemed to notice her staring and focused his gaze on her, obviously enjoying the attention he was getting. David decided he didn’t have the time to watch her flirt with some stripper guy, so he held her jaw and forced her to look at him.

“Hey!” he said, “There is no time for all that eye batting at that guy. You and I have business”

Bonnie forced his hand away. “What business?” she asked. “You literally kidnapped me and forced me to sit here with you”

“I saved you from those guys”

“And then forced me to come with you so you are even worse than they are. What do you want from me? Money? You better say something reasonable because I am going to walk out of here right now and if you try to stop me I will fight back”

He smiled, his eyes narrowing only the slightest bit. “You mean that kick thing you did with that drunk guy at the back? Yeah I’m not sure it's going to work on me”

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