“There you go, fellas. The lady doesn’t find you to her liking. Turn her loose and go find something else to do.” David said.

“I got somethin’ to do already.” The man who held her said. Her captor’s hold seemed to loosen just a bit as he spoke, and taking advantage, she suddenly jerked free. Then she did the dumbest thing David had ever seen. She sent her knee into the man’s groin.

Unbelievable. David shook his head, even as he yanked her behind him, trying to protect her from the ensuing chaos. He couldn’t do any real damage to the men without attracting more spectators, which was something he didn’t want. And the woman was gasping behind him, scared out of her wits from the sound of it. But damn it all, he definitely did not want to lose his pants out here scuffling in the middle of the sidewalk with common drunks. One of the men started to throw a punch. David cursed loudly as the Bonnie Rimmer ran around him, evidently not as frightened as he’d thought, and leaped onto his attacker’s back. She couldn’t weigh over a hundred pounds, but she wound her fingers in the man’s hair and pulled with all her might.

Enough was enough. A glimpse at his watch told him it was time for his performance. David grabbed the man away from her and sent him reeling with a firm kick to the rear end, then stalked the other two, every muscle in his body tensed. Too drunk to persist in their efforts, the men scurried away. David turned to face Bonnie, and she was…tidying her hair? Really? Good God, was she nuts?

He saw her look toward her bag, which now lay in a puddle on the sidewalk, but she made no move to retrieve it.

“You don’t want your bag?” he asked with all the sarcasm he could muster.

“Oh.” She glanced at him. “Well, of course…” She made a move in its direction, and he shook his head. He could see more raggedy clothing falling out the opening, and if there was one thing this woman didn’t need, it was hand-me-downs.

He took her arm in a firm but gentle hold, ignoring her resistance, and started her toward the bar. He automatically moved her to his right side, bringing her between his body and the building, protecting her from passersby. He held his temper for all of about three seconds, then gave up the effort.

“Of all the stupid, harebrained…lady, what the hell did you think you were doing back there?” She damn well wasn’t used to living or being in alleys, or going without. Everything about her screamed money, sophistication and royalty. Even now, with him hustling her down the sidewalk, she had a certain grace, a definite poise, that didn’t come from being underprivileged. She glanced up at him, and he noticed she smelled nice, too. Not heavily perfumed like the women in the bar, just…very feminine. Her wavy shoulder-length hair, a light brown that looked as baby soft as her eyes, bounced as he hurried her along. She was practically running, but he couldn't help that.

She cleared her throat. “I appreciate your assistance, Mr…..whoever you are”

Without slowing his pace, he simply glared at her.

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