It was annoying and discouraging to just be there watching all that, but he wasn’t giving up. He never gave up, and he had completed phase one of his mission, which was finding the princess.

There was no going back now. When king Robert had come to him with panic in his eyes and a huge sum of money, he had been unable to say no to the offer. The man was very rich and willing to spend any amount of money to find his beloved daughter, the princess, and David loved jobs like that….Jobs that paid that much were his favorite because he needed the money. Although he had asked the king why he didn’t go the police to find his daughter.

“My daughter isn’t missing” the king had said. “She even sent us a message a day after she left telling us that she was fine. The thing is that she doesn’t want to be found. She is an adult and has the right to go away if she wishes. She is not a prisoner, but I know what is best for her and this isn’t it. She has to come back home, so help me find her, please and I will pay you well for it.”

David’s reputation preceded him, and he was good at what he did. So good that he had found her one week since he started searching for her…or maybe it was because she was just so terrible at hiding, and her cover just sucked real bad.

Right now, he just couldn’t understand why she was hanging out in a place like this. Each of the strippers had a gimmick, he noticed. He thought it was rather ironic. One of them played out a tough street cop, complete with black pants held together with strategically placed Velcro. They came off with only the smallest tug. The guy even had an original leather jacket to add to his authenticity. The women loved It, judging by their screams. He honestly never knew how sexy the cop persona was to females. Or if he would have cared if he did.

He had to concentrate on his mission and the last thing he needed now was a distraction with big brown eyes. His gaze wandered back to Bonnie Rimmer. She was loitering on the corner beneath the street lamp, holding that large, lumpy bag to her chest and trying to fit in. David snorted. That old coat she was wearing was buttoned so high she was damn near strangling herself. What the hell was she doing here?

He'd just about convinced himself not to care about what she was doing there and go straight to doing his job, when three young men seemed to notice her. David watched as they approached her. She started to back away, then evidently changed her mind. She nodded a greeting, but it was a wimpy effort. Hell, the men looked determined to get to know her, without any encouragement on her part. She, on the other hand, looked ready to faint.

Walk away, he thought, willing her to move. But she stood her ground. Obviously, she was the stubborn type. He sensed, then he knew for certain, she was getting in over her head. His body was already tensing, his eyes narrowed, waiting for the trouble to start. They seemed to be talking, or, more to the point, she was trying to speak to them. She gestured with her hands, her expression earnest. Then one of the men grabbed her and she let loose a startled screech. In the next instant, those huge brown eyes of hers turned his way, demanding that he help her. The little twit was asking for help from another stranger…who she wasn’t even sure if he was one of her attackers. He wasn’t surprised at all. She was a princess…probably had never been alone her entire life. What did she think when she ran away? That she could take care of herself? Obviously she was wrong.

Well, hell, he couldn’t allow her to be manhandled. He pushed himself away from the doorway and started forward. The men were obviously drunk. One of them was doing his best to pull her close, but she kept sidestepping him. David approached them all with a casual air.

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