She had pondered many disguises for this night, disguises ranging anywhere from that of a frumpy homeless lady, to a streetwalker. Somehow, she couldn’t imagine herself making a convincing hooker. She was slight of build and her body had never quite…bloomed, as she’d always hoped for. She did, however, think she made an adequate transient.

She cleared her throat. Stiffening her spine, which already felt close to snapping, she said again, “I can't go with you”

“Your little trio of drunks didn’t scare you enough?”

“No. They didn’t. And It’s not like I come here all the time. I just wanted to….”

His brows lifted. “You wanted to?”

Bonnie stared at him for a while and decided that she couldn’t discuss her feelings and activities with a total stranger. She shook her head. “It doesn’t matter” she said. “But I can't go with you. My father can’t just tell you to bring me home. I am an adult and I sure as hell can do whatever I want to do.”

He closed his eyes, his mouth twisting in an ironic smirk. “And this is your disguise? God, lady, do you have any idea how easy it was to spot you?” He took a step closer, reaching out his hand to flip a piece of her hair. “I don’t know who you thought you’d fool, but you walk like money, talk like money…hell, you even smell like money. What is it? The thrill of going slumming that has you traipsing around here dressed in that getup?”

Bonnie sucked in her breath at his vulgar question and felt her temper rise. “You claim to be a private investigator. The least you can do is behave in a civilized, polite manner.”

“Wrong.” He stepped even closer, the dark, sweat-damp hair on the exposed part of his chest nearly brushing against the tip of her nose. He had to bend low to look her in the eyes, but he managed. “The least I can do is steer your fancy little tail back where you belong. Let me take you back home, little girl. Get your thrills somewhere else, somewhere where it’s safe.”

Suffused with heat at both his nearness and his derisive attitude, it was all Bonnie could do to keep from cowering. She clicked her teeth together, then swallowed hard. “Don't call me little, that’s your opinion. I have been out here on my own for almost two weeks…almost three and I have been fine ever since.”

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