: I accept your feelings.

Cecilia pov’s

I was at the restaurant where she asked me to meet up with her. I checked my wristwatch for the fifth time and she was fifteen minutes late. I sighed deeply and sip from the cup of coffee before staring at the door of the restaurant hoping I would see her walk that way.

I got fed up instantly and dropped a few notes on my table before getting up from my seat. As I turned my back to leave I saw her coming into the restaurant as she walked elegantly to my table.

She releases her hair from the ponytail and lets it fall on her shoulder making her have this gorgeous look.

“Hey, am so sorry I’m late it was just traffic,” she said settling down on her seat while I sip from my coffee without saying anything further.

So, have you had anything yet? She asked me but I just raised the cup of coffee to her face and she smiled and I did the same too.

‘Okay, you are talking less, I guess you are angry” she said while I feigned a happy face smiling at her.

No, I understand I replied to her sincerely and she nodded her head.

So what made you changed your mind and called me? She asked me and I smiled knowing fully well she would surely ask me this question.

Well, you said if I needed a friend to just talk to that I can freely call you I said with a smirk on my face while her face dropped.

“And because I like you too” I added immediately and she beamed in a smile looking at me so dearly.

Really, you do ? You really do like me? Hope you aren’t playing with my feelings? She kept ranting a lot of questions making me chuckled as I stare at how excited she is, knowing that I like her.

“But there is something you need to know about me,” she started with her voice low.

I already know about it but I wanted to know if she can be sincere and open up to me, and not keep it to herself. I hope she would be better than all other men I have had an encounter with.

What do you have to say I asked her and she gulped hard while I just kept a straight face staring at her.

Well, the thing is that I like you and what to be in a romantic relationship with you because am a Lesbian but I just couldn’t help but fall for you she said and placed her hands on mine rubbing it softly as she stares deeply at me while I did the same.

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