: Alone time & I need a job.

Cecilia pov’s

Warning: This episode contains words rated 18.

It’s been over 4 months, I have been dating Betty and I must confess my joy knew no bound. She has been my happiness and peace of mind. She has made sure that I am always happy and didn’t lack anything. She puts me first in her priority and always tries to be there for me.

Sincerely, my relationship with her had been the best I have experience in all relationships I have been. There’s no moment of pain or sadness is always a moment of happiness.

Presently, am at her Mansion where she lives. One thing I know is that she is rich and from a rich home but she never talks about her parents or siblings. Whenever I try to strike a conversation with her about such topics she gets pissed off or she changes the topic completely. I just sooner or later she would open herself to me completely.

I prepared dinner for her and set the table waiting for her return I know she’s going to love it for sure, it a surprise though.

I heard the sound of a vehicle coming into the compound, so I quickly stayed inside her room and watched her climb the stairs. She paused when she reached the dining. I guess she passive the aroma of her favorite food.

She walked to the dining table and read the note I gave to her which says “ enjoy your meal” with a heart drawing on it. I could feel her smile from up here made me smile too.

After she eats the food, I could hear the sounds of her heels coming in the direction of the room making me so nervous. I have been nervous all these while but knowing she’s getting closer made me even more nervous.

She pushed the door open and turned on the switch because I turn the lights in the room off. Her eyes landed on me and she couldn’t believe it when she saw me in lingerie.

Welcome back babe, I said with the most sexiest voice and walked up to her seductive to collect her purse from her.

Wow, you look hot she said and spanked my ass making me chuckle, she began to pull off her dress leaving her in only her undergarments

She was looking so beautiful, her straight legs, her perky breasts that turn me on, and her ass that makes my pussy fluctuates. Damn, she’s like a goddess.

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