: A different Betty

Cecilia pov’s

I decided to go shopping for my friends since it has been a long time I saw them. I missed them all and I can’t wait to see them.

Betty left her credit card at home and she said I could used it at any time because it fir me. So I quickly dressed up and hailed a cab to my former apartment.

I knocked on the door and a few minutes later it, I was welcomed in by Joanna would gave me with a big hug.

“Hey who was at the door” Amelia yelled climbing down the stairs. Oh my gosh, Cecil is this really you she said and hugged me tightly.

I thought you weren’t going to come home again since you left she said sniffing in the tears while I smiled at her.

Oh wow!, You look ravishing Joanna said gesturing for me to turn around which I did as they both stood in akimbo staring at me with wide eyes.

“You look so beautiful darling” the both said in unison giving me a bug hug.

“Hold on guys” I said and open the door and asked the driver to bring the stuff inside which he did, and I had to pay him extra for that.

What all this for Amelia asked looking at me for an explanation which I have to give to her. “Well, I decided to buy some things you would be needing at home, like new set of kitchen utensils.”

I know how much you need them so you better not reject any I said to her in a hard tine.

Thank you so very much she said and u smile while Joanna feigned annoyance Making me chuckle

Hey I got you something, I said and gave her the bag with the latest shoe she had longed for.

No way!!, She exclaimed looking at the bah and at me simultaneously. You freaking got me, “ahhhhhhhh” she yelled jumping round the house while I used my hands to close my ear drum.

Thank you so much, I love you, muah, muah she said kissing me all over my face and hugging me continuously.

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