: I’m a Lesbian.

Fredrick pov’s

I woke up even before my alarm could do it job, without thinking twice I walked to the shower to have my bath. When I was done I grabbed my towel and tied it round my waist before walking to my room. I applied body cream on my body before going to my closet to pick my outfit for work which would always be a black texudo. I dressed up and walked to my dressing room and picked up my comb and comb my hair. When I was done I picked my briefcase and walked out of my room shutting the door.

I got downstairs and they maids where moving about doing their work, some greeted me but I ignored and walked straight to the dinning, only to find out that my food wasn’t served yet.

I dropped my briefcase on the seat closer to mine in the sitting room and check the time on my wrist watch and they cook was seven mins late.

Call the cook for me I yelled and the maid passing by got frighten and rushed to the kitchen.

The cook walked in sweating profusely as she bowed her head in front of me receiving to look me in the face, I guess she knows her offence.

“What was your offence”, I asked her as she fidgeted in front of me without saying anything. Speak up, damn it, I yelled loudly making her starled.

I haven’t served your breakfast sir she said with a cracked voice. I looked at her in disgust before taking my face off her.

You are fired I said without thinking twice and she fell on her knees begging me but I paid deaf ears to her and picked up my breifcase before walking out of her.

I could see the look of fright and pity in the eyes of the other maids but I don’t care, this should be a lesson to them all. Because time is money.

If it one thing I learnt from Dad is that, we should use our time wisely because it not just precious it also money I remembered and walked into my BMW driving myself to work.

I got into my private elevator and went straight to my office. I dropped my briefcase and opened my laptop to finish up my work.

Come in I said immediately I heard the knock on my door.i continued to work on my laptop without lifting my head to know who it was.

“Good morning sir” I heard the voice of my secretary said and I only nodded my head.

“Your coffee is served”, she said and dropped it on my table. “What are my schedule for today” I asked her without staring at her.

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