: The decision.

Cecilia pov’s

“It not what you think Cecil”, he said to me but I run off in tears. I hurridly went to the road waiting for a cab in tears but it seems non where coming this way.

“Please listen to me” he said and I began to walk off hurriedly. He caught my hand and turn me to face him, fortunately he was on his singlet and shorts.

“What do you have to say Aroan”, I yelled to his face as he bowed his head in shame. Am sorry Cecil he said and I slapped him hardly on his face.

“You are not sorry and don’t ever call me Cecil again because you lost that right”, I said and walked away from his sight.

I dried my tears and walked unconsciously making me bumped into someone, I raised my head to apologise only to see the girl from the party yesterday. I guess her name should be Betty.

“Hey” she said and looked at me smiling,

But her face dissolves when she noticed the tears in my eyes, but I was quick enough to dried it up and placed a fake smile on my face.

Am sorry for bumping into you I didn’t notice someone was coming in front of me, I said to her still faking a smile.

“It alright, but if you don’t mind be asking are you okay”, she said looking concern. Am fine, I replied quickly and sniffed in.

“I hope so but if you need a friend or maybe want to her some fun”, she said smiling as she handed me her card. I will be fine, I replied immediately receiving the card from her.

I was about walking away from her when she called me back, when I turned around to know what she want from me she quickly hugged me and pinched my nipple making me gasped in shocked.

I pushed her away in anger but she smiled and muttered “I like you” before walking away leaving me in shock.

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