Chapter 2 - a beautiful love story

Priya(p o v)

We woke up early today.. we did our morning routine and got ready.. I am very excited today as we are going for to visit Eiffel Tower... who is not excited to see this in Paris tell...!!

After getting ready, we went to have the breakfast.. we ordered some vegetable soup and milk.. later our tour guide came and pick up, we went towards Eiffel Tower. After seeing it, my mom was scared to come on the top, even my dad gave up because he wants to accompany his beautiful wife.. so only me and my sister went on the top... took some pics.. stayed there for some time to view the beautiful scene of Paris after sometime we came back...

when we came back, dad went alone to enjoy... after having fun in Eiffel Tower, we went to do some shopping and had some snacks.. later we had lunch....

In the evening, we went to Seine River... we enjoyed the night of Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame etc... along the side of the river bank... it was a boat trip... it was about some two hours. I enjoyed a lot today's trip... these two places gave me happiness...

Later we came to restaurant had dinner same I ordered fried rice and ice cream, my sister, mom and dad ordered pander fried rice and fruit juice... we went back to the room...

dad:- " I need to go for walk.. so will you people accompany me or want to sleep? " he asked (because he and my mom not used to eat fried rice.. because in karnataka they will have Ragi ball and samber)

we all said in union "let's go for walk"

we changed our dress.. I wore jeans and pink colour top.. we came out.. I searched for my mobile.. OMG I left in hotel only.. I said to my parents to wait so that I will go and come back with my mobile...

dad:- " it's okay... however will go back.. no need of phone...."

me:- " no.. I need to take some photos.. I will go and bring just 5mins" I said with puffy face...

seeing me like that dad said OK.. and then I ran inside the hotel.. I took my phone.. there I saw my parents and my sister talking and waiting for me... Suddenly a trunk came and soon..........

I was totally blank.... don't know what to do.. I stand there like statue... some people rushed towards the accident place.. I came back to my sense... I also ran towards them.. I pushed some people... and here all my family members are covered with blood and no movements in them....

Soon ambulance and police came and enquired some people... then they took my family to the hospital.. I also went with police to the hospital.... I hoped and prayed for the god nothing should happen to my family and should be safe... soon we reached the hospital and the doctor came hold my dad wrist and then my mom wrist and my sister wrist and checked by opening there eyes and... by looking down doctor said sorry and declared death of my family members.... I was shocked.. and freezes there... my world collapsed there... I sat on floor with thud... and started to cry... don't know what to do... I am seeing my family members face... ohhhh god... why you did this to me.....!!!!

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