Chapter 3 - a beautiful love story

Priya ( p o v)

After reaching police station. Me and Williams were sitting at the corner. police called us... we went and sit in front of them..

police1:-" so what's your name? " (pointing towards me)

me:-" p.. pri.. priya.. sir"

police2:-" why did you came here? where are you from? "

me:-" India, Bangalore, karnataka...... we came for trip here for 3days.. already we spent 2 days here tomorrow we needed to go back but suddenly all this happened..." (I said with crying)

p1:-"okay, don't worry... will bury the bodies here only... as you said to your tour guide and (pointing towards the man) that fellow did the accident.. actually he was drunk so it happened... (the one whom I saw while entering to the police station.. who was standing in front of police) we will take the action..."

me:-" do I need to stay here.. for some days or can I go back to India? "

p1:-" you can... but we need some statement... you can't go tomorrow.. after tomorrow you can leave.. if you want we help you in booking the ticket.. "

I nodded my head

p1:-" okay, let's go to cementory"

after reaching there.. I saw my mom, dad and my sissy face last time and I was sitting in front of them and crying...

Williams came and took me towards the corner and said "be here., I will go do the next steps"

I nodded because I don't know any thing here rules.... after everything... police and Williams came back..

p1:-" now you can go back and rest.. if we need anything we will call you. "

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silent and I was crying... he dropped me in front of hotel and he gave his p

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ver came to kill me or someone came to stole my money... with shivering only I opened the door... some man was

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. why god... you did this to me... can't you send that truck when I was there with them... so that even I could have been died with them.. why did you sent the truck when I was not there..?? no... no... I ca


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day before exam some function was there.. I didn't do well

et pass... don't do such foolish things.. by killing ourself is not the solution... death has to come naturally... we should not force ourself... we should not show our weakness.. by killing our self people will think we are

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g I have to eat... I know my parents will be watching me in the form of star in the sky... if I cry now they will be sad... then dad thinks whatever

by looking at the star in the sky I said "dad, mom and sis

hought to sleep but I was not able to sleep... I was tried and by looking at c