Chapter 1 - a beautiful love story

Arjun p. o. v:-)

Me and Anusha got ready and went to dad house.. they did decorations with flowers and lightnings and all I didn't gave much attention to it.. I directly went inside along with anusha.. when I went inside, there were my relatives, cousin and my friends.. even dad's friends also there.. and obviously with whom I am getting engagement, their family was also there..

By seeing me, swapna came towards me but I behaved like I didn't notice her and went towards my friends.. even she also went to give her greetings to my relatives and joined her friends later...

my best friends are Avinash, Tarun and Naveen

(Naveen is my cousin come my best friend)

my friends in union :- congrats man..

me:-(with no expression) thanks

tarun :-" we all need party tomorrow "

me:-" why? you guys will be eating and drinking in the today's function only.. then why again separate treat for it"

avinash:-" ohh come on.. don't act like conjuse fellow.. this is family party everyone are here.. we need bachelor party only we friends"

naveen:- "yes, we need party"


( I know they won't leave me till I agree to give party)

then party started and even guest also started to come.. I went to give my greetings to some colleagues and even dad's friends also and others and I am checking the possibility to get for the company and partners.. (you may be thinking how selfish i am in my birthday party also thinking about company profit.. of course we have to be.. in business you can't say when you will get opportunity.. when it comes you have to grab it or else we will be the looser)

while speaking to them dad called me on the stage to cut the cake.. I excuse them.. and went on the stage.. on the stage my dad, anu, swapna and her parents were their..

k the mike and announced about engagement will start now.. after announcement he gave the diamond ring to me and I put it on swapna's ring finger on her

k I went towards my friends,

whole party swapna tried to spoke with me but I avoided it.. while having dinner


towards her so only I am worried.. what if he doesn't get love in his life.. because mom also left us when we are

apna.. I hate her. I know she is marrying my brother only for money sake not with love. I pray for the god let h

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